Software updates usually come with improved performance and new features for the device it’s intended for. In the case of Apple’s latest firmware – iOS 11, the update brings improvements for their iPhone devices such as a new design for the Control Panel, App Store, and improvements to the virtual assistant.

However, updating to the latest operating system sometimes causes a few minor hiccups to the device. And one of the most annoying issues that came with the iOS 11 is the battery drain. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones that are experiencing this issue, here are some of the ways that you can fix the problem, as cited by USA Today.

The update may have caused some apps to malfunction in the background

It’s quite common for iOS updates to cause some issues with apps running in the background. You have first to check if this is the cause for your battery drain. Go to your “Settings” and click “Battery.”

From there, look for “Usage” and “Standby,” it should be located at the very bottom. Ideally, your Standby time should be a lot more than your Usage time. Take note of both numbers then lock your device for about five minutes.

After five minutes, unlock your device and see the time of your Usage and Standby. If the Usage time is still higher than your Standby time, it means that your device is not sleeping properly which drains your battery very significantly.

Apps might have been stuck in an endless loop

Some of the apps might have been stuck running in the background even though they are not being used. Check if it has something to do with your emails.

Go to “Settings,” then “Accounts & Passwords” and click “Fetch New Data.” You may set Push to manual mode so that your email will only scan for new messages every time you open the Mail app.

Alternatively, you can set the same to every 30 minutes if you prefer it that way.

In addition, some apps may need to be reinstalled to prevent it from needlessly running in the background. Again go to “Settings” and “Battery.” Here you can see all the apps that have been draining your battery since updating to iOS 11. Just delete them and then reinstall.

Location services

The iPhone’s top feature that drains the battery more than others is the Location Services. It uses internet connection, GPS and Bluetooth to pinpoint the exact location of your device.

To avoid draining your battery, you need to allow just a handful of apps that use the Location Services. Go to “Settings,” “Privacy” and click “Location Services.” From here, you can select which apps you want to use this feature. The “Default” usually means “Always,” so you may want to change it to “Never.”