Basketball has evolved drastically with years and its one of the most entertaining sports right now. No wonder it has millions of fans, if not billions. New talented players are joining the teams in almost every season. People are fascinated by the best players and teach their kids to emulate them. These players have become Basketball Legends for their mastery. Here are some of them.

1. Micheal Jordan

Micheal Jordan is basketball’s living legend. According to How They Play, every time the ball lands in Jordan’s hands, the audience expects something great to happen.

Jordan is The Greatest scorer in the NBA and the best All-Defense player the world has ever seen. He is infamous for his fade-away shot that’s so hard to block and his defiance of the law of gravity. In short, when Jordan has the ball, there is a higher chance it will go through the net despite the rival’s defense. He is a six-time champion with six Finals MVPs, an All-Star for 14 times, a five-time MVP, and a 10-time scoring leader.

2. LeBron James

According to CBS sports, LeBron was anointed “The Chosen One” while in high school, and he is a combination of athleticism, size and feel. He reaches heights many players of today only dream of. He is the current threat to Michael Jordan’s supremacy of the NBA and has three championships to his name, three Finals MVPs, holds the record for a three-game run in NBA finals and also has four MVP awards.

He is currently the world best after Jordan LeBron takes care of his body and he is among the smartest and most complete basketball players.

3. Larry Bird

Larry Joe Bird is one of the best players in NBA’s history. He played for the Celtics, and he is one of the tallest basketball players ever lived. According to How They Play, Larry Bird was one of the best pointers during his tenure in NBA.

His reliable three points helped his team Celtics towards a couple of championships when he was active. Larry is not only good at shooting beyond the three-point area, but he is also a good dribbler, and he is among a few players who are capable of moving the ball from across the court despite the defense from the opponent team.

4. Magic Johnson

magic johnson is considered the greatest point guard ever lived, according to CBS Sports. He is also identified as the ultimate Laker. He magically passes a ball. Johnson never scores but instead draws the defenses of the rival teams before giving the ball to a fellow player close to the net. Some might argue that the strategy is predictable, but it’s hard to counter him. He is a five-time champion, as well as a three-time Finals MVP. He has paved the way for Jordan and LeBron.