There is some good news for all Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Dwyane Wade is officially part of the team, and he will be playing alongside LeBron James and other team players for a year. Wade signed a one-year, $2.3 million deal with the team on Wednesday evening. He reached a buyout agreement with the Chicago Bulls at the beginning of this week before joining the Cavaliers.

Dwyane left Chicago Bulls

According to CBS Sports, Wade released a statement the same day after signing the deal, saying that he had dreamed of playing for the Chicago Bulls, and he felt fortunate for fulfilling his dream the previous year.

He acknowledged that the team was heading in a different direction and he had to reevaluate where he needed to be in his career. He stated that where he wanted to be, didn’t align with the team’s decision to rebuild. Hoping for a fourth championship, he reached a deal with Chicago Bulls, and he was proud to announce that he will be playing for Cleveland Cavaliers this season.

Cavaliers believe in Wade

Wade further added that the Cavaliers believed in his talent and was impressed to join the team as well as reunite with LeBron James, who together, they had won two championships and are hoping to win the third one. He confessed that making the decision was hard, but he was grateful to his former team and proud to play for his hometown, Chicago.

He was also proud of the work they were doing for the community and promised to continue.

James was more than happy to have Wade on their side and keeping him away from the other teams as reported by the USA Today. He said that Wade was another guy with high basketball IQ and could make plays and shots which would be an added advantage to his team.

Wade doesn’t necessarily have to be the scoring player, and he will often be the third, fourth or fifth option, and there are a few teams which can be able to use a player like Wade as a fourth or fifth scoring option. Cavaliers might have lost one of its prime players, Kyrie Irving, but adding Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, and now Dwyane Wade is quite an achievement.

Dwyane and LeBron’s story

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have a beautiful history together. According to the New York Times, James joined Wade in Miami Heats in 2010, and together with Chris Bosh, they played four consecutive NBA Finals and won two championships. They were beaten by San Antonio Spurs in 2014. James moved to Cavaliers while Wade left the Heats after two seasons and moved to Chicago Bulls. Wade is 35, and he’s relatively old according to NBA standards. Wade is hoping LeBron we be hospitable to his career as he was to his. Cavaliers fans can only wait to see what Wade brings to the court.