September 26th is Love Note Day. It is a day set aside for people to let others know they care. Love notes are not as popular today as they were years ago before technology came about. People text and use FaceTime these days much more than they write notes. Technology is good, but it is romantic to hold a Love Note in your hand and see what was actually written in a person's own handwriting. The practice that people once used seems to be gone forever. Surprise your loved one on September 26th by bringing the love note back.

History of love notes

Writing and sending love notes was a common practice of some of the most famous writers such as William Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Robert Browning, and his wife Elizabeth Barrett Browning. They became famous because of the love notes they wrote. They were so profound with emotion, that most of their writings ended up in the literature books. They wrote sonnets and odes, but on September 26th, you can write something as simple as a one-line thought. If you can't think of something to say, the famous writers of the past wouldn't mind if you quoted them.

How to write a love note

A love note is just what it says. It is a note expressing love for someone. Love notes are usually short.

Longer correspondence is called a letter. A love note can be either casual or formal. It can be written in prose or poetry as long as what is written comes from the heart.

At one time, love notes were written on fancy paper, but the words can be written on anything. Even if you are having lunch or dinner with a special person, you can write your thoughts on a paper napkin, if you wish.

Love notes are not just for teenagers who have fallen in love. They are for adults and older people who have been married for a long time. Before leaving for work, leave a note somewhere around the house for your spouse to find later. It will surely put a smile on the spouse's face. Another idea is to put one in your significant other's lunch to brighten his or her day when it is found later.

Put a note on the refrigerator door so it can be seen before the day is over.

There are so many other creative ways to let someone know you care. If you are stuck and just can't come up with something on your own, there are hundreds of love notes online in the form of free eCards to show someone just how much you care. Don't forget to check out Pinterest to see what others have sent and received. The beauty of Love Note Day is that you have a good reason to send something.