Why do some couples’ marriages last a lifetime, while others only last a few years? Some only last just a couple of months! Research says about half of American’s marriages end up in divorce. Further research is being conducted to identifying just what it is that leads to such demise in marriages. Divorce attorneys and psychologists have done studies that have revealed certain behaviors that are damaging to marriages.

Marriages break down for many Reasons. At times, there is more than a single reason why couples decide to divorce. Due to this factor, it is challenging to determine the underlying reason for divorce.

However, some Common reasons stand out as predominantly common in a divorce.


An associate professor at California State University, Jan Andersen, found out that the main reason for divorce is incompatibility. The researchers speculated that people grow apart as the time goes by and have a tough time agreeing on crucial factors in their lives. This element includes money, religion, and their lifestyle. Such disagreements cause tension that eventually results in separation. This can be worsened when one spouse experiences a significant life change such as a religion change, losing a job or a death in the family.

Lack of commitment

A few life partners are demoralized by the guarantees of adoration that never end and accomplishment in marriage.

Big weddings and sentimental special nights can coat over the reality of what is to come in the marriage. National Fatherhood Initiative specialists found that an absence of duty by either of the companions is the main explanation behind separation, by a wide margin. Factually, Seventy-three percent of divorced people said that the fundamental driver of dissolving their marriage was that their mates ended up being apathetic and were not set up to take care of their issues.

Marrying while young

Pew Research Center investigations discovered that couples wedded at a youthful age have a higher chance of getting separated than those wedded at a more established age. The research was led in Oklahoma and Arkansas where the normal age of marriage was 24 years and in fact, the separation rate in those areas is high.

In Massachusetts and New York, the normal age of marriage is 30, and fewer separations were recorded in the region. This might be on the grounds that more established individuals are monetarily more secure, maturely developed and better ready to deal with the anxieties and strains of marriage.