Selsun Blue is an over the counter dandruff shampoo that is pretty pricey. 11-ounce bottle costs in the region of $9.00. This hair care accessory has a rich blue color and a strong menthol smell. Its name is derived from the two active ingredients of Selenium and Sulfide. This product is often recommended by doctors for dandruff and itchy, scaly scalp but it's ingredients also may also benefit some people with other issues. People have testified that Selsun Blue is good for healing them of fungus on the skin or the fingers and toenails. Why it works for some and not for others is one of the curiosities of life.

And when it works the product is definitely worth the price.

Not every remedy for toenail fungus works for everyone

For a number of years, I had dealt with both big toenails being discolored, and so thick I could not cut them, even with large clippers. I had to soak my feet to soften the toenails and even then I had to get my husband had to cut them for me. Each time he always had trouble with the nails on the big toes. The nail salon where I had a pedicure did not fare any better. I did not have the money for a podiatrist so I decided to research home remedies. The four I found most recommended on the Internet were Vicks Vapor rub, Apple cider vinegar, Listerine mouthwash, and hydrogen peroxide.

I have tried each of these products separately as well as together many times. The original Listerine worked once, but not again. The other natural cures did not work for me at all. I continued to read online testimonies of their effectiveness, and I understood that not every Home Remedy is going to work for every person. I wondered, however, if there were one that would benefit my situation or if I had to make a trip to the podiatrist.

Fortunately, a few days later I noticed a bottle of Selsun Blue medicated shampoo in the bathroom. My son's doctor had recommended it for his dry itchy scalp. I read the ingredients and on a whim decided to see if it would help me with the toenail fungus.

Selsun Blue worked for me and may benefit others

I added a little Selsun Blue to the water in my home massaging foot spa, and 10 minutes later I was glad I did.

After drying my feet I noticed my big toe, nails were no longer hard and thick. They were just like the nails on my other toes.I got out my clippers and was able to cut them myself without asking my husband. The nail on my right toe had returned to its natural hue and I was excited. The color of the nail on my right toe did not appear to be affected, so I continued soaking my feet in the expensive dandruff shampoo once a week.

Now after about 5 weeks, I can see that the toenail is growing out clear and healthy.If you are dealing with fungus on your skin or nails you may always want to check with your physician first before trying anything. But If you are into home remedies, and nothing has been working, consider trying Selsun blue.

This shampoo has been beneficial for me and others and could be the answer for you as well. Keep in mind that when it comes to natural cures, we all respond differently. If you decide to try this product remember to purchase Selsun blue medicated dandruff shampoo.

Keep in mind that medicated Selsun Blue is considered a drug. Make sure you check first with your physician before using it as a home remedy. This shampoo is for topical use only so do not ingest because it is toxic. Do not use it on open wounds and watch carefully to make sure you do not get extreme itching, skin irritation or burns. As a shampoo, it can even cause temporary hair loss so please proceed with caution. Always read the bottle to make sure this is a product that you should try. Always wash hands thoroughly after use. This is a temporary solution and not recommended for long-term use.