Instagram is a popular social networking platform, and it requires you to follow someone to see what they post. Instagram was specifically designed as an online photo album, but now you can use the site for business marketing. Instagram users who own businesses use the platform to market their products and services. If you own an account and you have a handful of Followers, this is what you should do to attract more followers.

1. Complete your profile

Before clicking the follow button, users first check your profile, and if you don’t put all the information about you or your business, then most of them will just ignore you.

Incomplete profiles are a turn-off, and you won't get many followers if there are no details at all. Therefore, as the first step put useful details about what you do, and what your business does. Add a high-quality picture as your profile and make sure your bio talks about your brand and lastly, add your business link to it.

2. Be strategic with your comments

Many Instagram users follow, like and comment on other accounts to get new followers but the style is time-consuming. If your goal is to grow your following, be a little strategic while commenting. You can begin by listing 10 to 20 brands which have an audience like yours and save the list somewhere for future reference. During your free time, get to each of those accounts and drop some genuine comments on their latest posts.

Being the last person to post a comment is an added advantage, and it might be interesting enough to attract followers. Please don’t post generic comments like “nice” or “cool pic” but use comments that users find interesting.

3. Post consistently

Some people believe that you should not post more than four times at once. But the truth is, it depends on the type of followers you have, their habits, and your kind of posts.

It’s recommended to post more than once every day for your account to grow and to stay present on your followers feeds. However, don’t post unnecessary stuff because you have to post daily. Instead, post what is right for your business, or else your followers might feel the posts are irrelevant and unfollow you. If you have nothing at all to post, why don’t you post some quotes?

4. Use necessary hashtags

Hashtags make it easy to find posts related to a certain topic and using hashtags that relate to your business will boost your posts. People who are not following you but are interested in photos related to your business brand will see them. To be excellent in attracting followers through hashtags, you need to know the popular and trending ones, be able to create yours and don’t use too much of them in one post. Instagram recommends you use hashtags related to your product, photo or business.