We all know that every couple fight, but have you ever realized that most couples fight about the same things? Couples therapists encounter same issues all day long from all sorts of partners. Unless an argument goes out of control, it is better to solve your problems on your own rather than involving a third party. Observing Common causes of relationships fights help reduce breakups in the community. Here are some common causes of fights among couples And How to resolve them.


Most couples choose to share all their expense and bank account.

Before that, how one spent his or her money was nobody’s business but his/hers. Sharing an account with a spendthrift partner can be a cause of fights in a relationship.

The best way to resolve such a problem is by using “mine, yours, ours “when referring to money and expenses. According to couple’s therapist, Jennifer Aull, only the shared expense should go into the central pool and be spent according to the method agreed upon. The other money (mine and yours) should be left in the hands of the owner who should have complete control over it.

House chores

Some people get bored of doing chores in the house. This may cause the partner to feel that the other is not doing enough him the house. Fighting about chores is more boring than doing the tasks themselves.

When such arguments occur, the best thing to do is sit down together and jot down all the chore that should be done. In the listing, ensure to rank the task putting the fun-to-do chores first on the list. Then finally share them out equally. As a couple, always make sure that you do together those chores that you both things are less fun to do.

Mobile phones and other electronic devices

Sometimes a partner may feel that the other is always on the phone and they aren’t having enough time together. This may result into “just put down your phone” battle among the couples. Sometime the partner may be attending to an important issue like checking work emails, but the other partner isn’t understanding.

Some may be addicted to social media and other sites and hence can cause a problem to their relationship.

In such a case, a total banishment of devices is impractical. It is better when you set aside time when you both keep your phones away and hang out. Some couples make a pact not to look at their phones while together, and whoever that break the rule have to face some punishment, like doing the dishes for a whole week.