Netflix, the media-streaming giant, has dominated cyberspace for several years now thanks to its wide variety of movies TV shows to choose from. It started out as small DVD sales and rental service and has since expanded to the streaming juggernaut we know today. Netflix also produces its own original content, from movies to TV series, which made their media library even bigger than ever before. The company has now more than 100 million subscribers worldwide.

With that said, here are a few interesting facts about Netflix that you might not have known.

Piracy is the key to Netflix’s success

You would think that a big and successful company like Netflix would take all the necessary actions to battle piracy. On the contrary, the streaming giant owes much of its success to piracy. In fact, Netflix collects data from piracy to determine their next big move regarding pricing and new additions.

Basically, if a particular piece of content, whether it’s a movie or TV show, is pirated with a high amount of frequency, that piece of content can be an invaluable addition to Netflix’s library.

According to Cinema Blend, Netflix keeps track of highly pirated content to know exactly what consumers want. In addition, Netflix uses the data to adjust their pricing depending on the location.

This means certain areas with high rates of piracy will be offered Netflix services with much lower prices.

Netflix has a knack for knowing which shows will be successful

Due to the data-collecting Netflix has done over the years, the company has become very confident when deciding which shows to develop. A prime example of this is the popular series “house of cards.” Netflix already knew that the TV series would be a hit among audiences even before it was released.

The streaming giant also gives content creators the freedom and flexibility on how they develop their shows.

Netflix is a cool company to work for

One of the most interesting things about Netflix is the company's relationship with the employees. The company allows their employees to decide how they want to accomplish their work.

In fact, most employees are allowed to set their own schedules. In addition, employees are allowed to take as many off days as they want, as long as they are approved by their supervisors.

Netflix believes that treating employees the right way and trusting them will allow them to make the correct decisions, and it actually works.