Pets are man’s best friends. Domesticated animals have been around for centuries to provide the right amount of companionship for people who really love them. In fact, there are a lot of cases in which animals have saved the lives of their owners.

For instance, a report by The Telegraph in January of this year cited that a dog saved a man’s life when he accidentally fell due to the slippery snow and broke his neck. His dog stayed by his side and kept barking until help finally arrived.

However, there are times when pets can ultimately be the reason for a person’s death.

With that said, here are the people who were killed by their own pets in such bizarre fashion.

A man was run over by a van because of his pet Boxer

James Campbell was killed after being run over by his van. On that tragic day, he just got home with his wife, Iris Fortner, and was opening the gate so they could park their van with his wife driving.

However, upon opening the gate, Campbell’s pet Boxer ran inside the van and accidentally stepped on the accelerator which throttled the vehicle directly at Campbell. Iris couldn’t stop the vehicle in time and struck and trapped Campbell underneath the van.

He was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

A woman killed by her pet Parrot

An elderly 66-year-old woman, Fannie Stewart, had a Pet Parrot named Dolly.

The parrot flew onto the kitchen stove and accidentally turned on the gas. The leaking gas made Stewart unconscious and was only discovered by police after her neighbors reported in a gas leak in the area.

Paramedics were able to revive Stewart and immediately brought her to the hospital. Unfortunately, Stewart suffered a stroke and died at the hospital.

Man killed by his own racehorse

At a lavish birthday party in Mexico, a man tragically died after being run down by his own horse.

The birthday party featured a traditional horse race called Chiva. 66-year-old Felix Pena was one of the guests at the party and decided to enter his own racehorse named Oso Dormido.

During the race, Pena decided to cross the racetrack after thinking that all the horses have already passed by, he thought wrong.

As he was crossing the race track, he didn’t see his own racehorse galloping towards him at an extremely high speed. He was ferociously struck by Oso Dormindo and had to wear a neck brace before he could be carried to an ambulance.

However, he never made it to the hospital and died in the ambulance.