It all starts with the "love cycle." You Find someone you like, you date him or her, and you finally get into a relationship. Everything may seem nice, warm, and pleasant at the moment. Keep in mind though, this is just the typical cycle of romantic relationships, and it's just the beginning.

What happens in the middle and the last phases?

The middle phase of your relationships would involve the conflicts and problems. This will truly test your foundation as a couple. How you handle this may predetermine the last phase of the Relationship.

I find the middle phase troublesome and difficult.

Often, this is the stage when couples fight each other or give up the relationship. To avoid or at least minimize these instances, take note of your Bad Habits and call each other out. Fix these before it's too late. I'm pretty sure no one wants to throw away a perfect relationship just because of situations that could have been prevented in the first place.

PopSugar says that we should be more aware of the bad habits that may lead to the destruction of our relationships.

You always assume how your partner feels

Feeling that you have a connection (like, the telepathic kind) is amazing. It just seems so wonderful if you can predict what your other half is thinking or how he or she feels at the moment.

There are times though that this habit isn't all beneficial.

For example, your partner may be feeling down because of other issues outside of your relationship. Implying that you know how he or she feels may start as safe, but your partner may feel like you're not listening.

Stop this and ask, "How are you feeling?"

You haven't established a clear boundary with friends and family

There should be a certain limit for family and friends and how they play their respective roles in your relationship. It's alright to seek them out for advice once in a while, but if it becomes constant, you're endangering your partner's reputation with them.

That's why limit what you share and set boundaries.

You just can't take criticism

We get sensitive every time our partner tells us something's wrong with just about anything: our clothes, grammar, and friends. It feels like your ego's being attacked and it's uncomfortable. However, there's a thin line between destructive and constructive criticism. Know the difference and communicate with your partner so you can clear things up.

Hiding your anger

It's never good to hide any emotion at all. Suppressed anger destroys you as it's bound to make you lose control. Again, try to let it out but don't take it out on your partner. Do things to help you relax then talk to your partner.

Consistently talking about the past

It may be hard not to let things go, but if memories of the past consistently haunt you, you have to deal with it openly with your significant other. Let them know that you want to get over it by changing your behavior. Stop talking about the past and move on.