Melania Trump, The United States First Lady, is always trending with the world following her every step. Just like any other celebrity, she receives criticism from all corners. Hurricane Harvey has been a major issue in the US and Americans were observing how Mrs.Trump was taking it. The FLOTUS landed in Houston Texas this week to witness the damage done by the hurricane.

She landed in casual clothing

She wore a plain white shirt, black, cutoff jeans, a pair of Adidas black and white trainers and a baseball cap labeled ‘FLOTUS’ on it. Darren Stanton told Express that it was perhaps Melania’s attempt to show people of America she’s in touch with them.

The body language expert added that whenever there is a disaster, or a campaign trail, high ranking politicians, and their advisers seem to follow the same trend because they want the people to feel that they are in touch with them at the grass root level. He claimed that Melania’s low key is very much like that and by wearing casual clothes, she was trying to show people she’s with them.

The shoes Melania wore before boarding the plane raised attention

Her high heel shoes were trending in the dailies. According to New York Times, President Donald Trump, 72, and his wife left the White House to board a flight to the devastated Texas for a briefing. Her Excellency wore black shades, a green bomber jacket, black pegged trousers and the primary cause of this week's hullabaloo - stilettos.

The same kind of shoes she used to wear even before joining her husband on the campaign trail. She must have changed the clothes while on board because she landed dressed casually. As she was airborne, social media users turned the stilettos from just mere footwear to vilification objects, and the reaction was critical. It was sad to see people criticizing her shoes while there was a bigger issue in America.

Melania is fluent in five languages

According to Fox News, The spokesperson of the White House, Kellyanne Conway hit at the ‘feminists’ saying Melania, who is super brilliant and speaks five languages, can wear anything she wants and she felt that the Twitter and the media posts revealed their feminist hypocrisy on Tuesday. She stated that the same people get angry when you are told you are wearing a beautiful dress or someone calls you honey but judge end to end.

Some comedians and media threw shades at the FLOTUS shoes, and her office responded by saying that it was sad that they had an ongoing natural disaster in Texas, but people worried about her shoes. Trevor Noah, one of the administrations toughest critics was disappointed by the mockery, and he wondered why anyone should care about what someone wears. With all the freedom that internet users enjoy, no one will be able to stop people from expressing themselves, including Melania Trump, and life goes on!