Melania Trump is rumored to be fine with Donald Trump's alleged girlfriend at Mar-a-Lago. According to IR.Net Independent Reporter, rumors of this comes from a former White House staffer who worked on three presidential campaigns. He seems to have sources in high places around the president who often dish him the dirt that's going on behind closed doors.

Former WH staffer tweets claims

Claude Taylor tweeted multiple messages on July 25 with claims that President Trump has a girlfriend at his Mar-a-Lago retreat in Palm Beach, Florida and that First Lady Melania Trump isn't just aware of the situation, she doesn't mind it.

Donald Trump traveled to Mar-a-Lago several consecutive weekends all winter and spring - many times without his wife. When she did accompany him, her body language was assessed by the public as "stiff" and outwardly rejecting her husband's hand anytime he tried to hold hers.

Taylor wrote on his Twitter account that the mainstream media has "known about Trump for many months," but haven't reported on it. He wrote that a lot of "credible people believe it to be true-including lots of reporters. According to multiple sources, I have on this - it’s an open secret in the White House, and everyone seems like they’re in on it-except the public."

The former White House staffer went on to write that a lot of insiders claim Melania Trump is "fully aware and not bothered" by Donald's supposed affair.

Did Trumps plan to divorce before the election?

Claude Taylor was the same one who tweeted that the Trumps were going to get a divorce until Donald won the election. The papers were signed, but not filed. None of this has been reported on by the mainstream media, but Taylor and another woman on Twitter claimed that they were going to get divorced, but Trump's victory made them change their minds.

A lot of claims made by Taylor have yet to be confirmed. It sounds like the big media outlets don't want to touch these stories -- or even acknowledge Taylor's claims. The gossip might be too speculative to give it any credence - or there's something else at work behind-the-scenes. Either way, the media is busy trying to keep up with the Russian investigation and the continuing saga of hirings and firings inside the White House.

There were also rumors that Melania is seeing the head of security at Tiffany's who works inside Trump Tower. It could be both are cheating, and it's just an open marriage at this point. Nothing has been verified on this, but the speculations will undoubtedly continue as long as Trump is president.