Nothing is more relaxing to the mind than going out and interacting with the environment. People are different, and some prefer to spend their weekends or holidays at entertainment spots while others go for outdoor activities. There are other types of individuals who prefer to spend their weekends in the sea surfing, jet skiing, fishing, and Diving. If you are a diver or an aspiring one, here are four places you ought to try out.

1. U.S. Virgin Islands

The islands offer several diving spots, but if you want to do it privately and peacefully, St.

John is perfect for you. The island has a protected coral reef popularly known as the Coral Reef National Monument, which is about 13,000 acres in size. Diving in this area offers you an amazing experience, and you see different sea creatures, underwater environments, and you can take crisp and clear pictures. Examples of sea animals you will find here are tarpons, Spanish mackerel, and parrotfish.

2. Hawaii

This is a top spot for seasoned liveaboard divers, and you can dive at any time of the year. However, it's recommendable to visit between April and October, when temperatures are favorable. Kona and Oahu are the most popular destinations within Hawaii, where divers love to see the Marine Life.

You can see migrating whale sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, colorful fish, and other impressive constitutes of marine life. The sad part is, the humpback whales migrate between November and March, the exact time you are advised not to dive, but you watch them from a boat.

3. Bonaire

Off the coast of Venezuela, there is an island known as Bonaire.

Actually, it’s the peak of a submerged mountain with deep sloping reefs. Divers can walk off into the water and see the coral, which is within a hundred yards, provided they see any of the 86 markers along the beaches that indicate best spots. As a diver, you will be fascinated by the underwater art museum, which is around four minutes from the shore.

This is one of the best spots travelers can visit and live to tell good stories about the aquatic life.

4. Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are one of the best places to dive in the world. Divers love the 250-foot Kittiwake wreck and the Bay Wall, and if you have never dived here, be assured your first experience will be unforgettable. The islands can be accessed by boat and also have 24-hour terrific shore dives. You can do night dives in George Town or North Shore, and the most popular sea animals here are the stingrays.

Those are among the top world’s destinations for diving. If you are a first timer, please learn all the precautions for your own safety. Happy diving!