After a long tiresome week, everyone deserves to relax, and people spend the weekend in different ways. Some connect with their friends in parties, others spend time at home, some go for entertaining events like live performances and cinemas.

Why don’t you spend this weekend outdoors and reconnect with nature? Well, there are different ways to do that including Hiking, biking, rafting, and canoeing. Hiking helps your body to keep fit as well as captivating your mind with amazing scenery of the natural features around you. Here are suggestions of places you can go hiking.

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a massive chasm in northern Arizona and is truly a natural wonder. The mighty Colorado River has helped the canyon expand for six million years, and people from all over the world come to see the canyon and its red and orange grandeur. The Grand Canyon is usually crowded by hikers and sightseers, especially the South Rim. For a better experience, you can hike from the North Rim, an area that many campers and hikers love.

Widow Jane Mine

Located in New York, the mine has been used for recording music, farming trout, and other things. The abandoned mine was once used to extract natural cement known as Rosendale cement. The Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Monument and the Statue of Liberty were built from this cement.

The mine has a couple of damp spots and watery regions, and you should wear boots before transversing through it.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The park is popular in the country and it is a habitat for a range of animals and plants. It occupies sections in both Tennessee and North Carolina, and there is a clinic 10 miles from its entrance.

Also, there are three visitor centers as well as a contact station, and you can choose a convenient time to hike. You can opt to start at Laurel Falls, Cades Cove Loop Road or Rainbow Falls.

Victoria and Vancouver Island

If you love ferry riding, this will be your opportunity. To access Victoria island, you have to travel by ferry from the busy city, Vancouver.

Victoria is a small city which still holds a history of its colonial past as well as its British traditions. However, that shouldn’t bar you from going for hiking and viewing the heritage, architecture and the harbor. On Vancouver's side, you can visit Cowichan Valley and walk in along the rows of vines and see the grapes.

Arches National Park

This Utah park is famous for its majestic arches and beautiful red rocks. There is a hospital in a town close to the park, water refill stations in the park, the weather is most favorable, and the wild animals are not much threatening. You can complete a hike in about three hours, and you can also get a tour guide when you want to try riskier areas.

Are you looking forward to spending your weekend in style? Well, you can try hiking at any of the places mentioned above. Pack your bags, grab your tickets if necessary, wear your boots. The beauty of nature is waiting for you to explore it.