Summer is behind us, and fall is here. Its still a good time to camp and many camps in America require you to book months in advance. One of the reasons Americans love holidaying is experiencing the beauty of nature. You can drive your AV to the beach or somewhere in the wilderness instead of booking a campsite, or preferably, pitch your tent. Here are some unique destinations for Camping where you can have a memorable experience.

1. Islamorada, Florida

“Islamorada” means “village of islands, ” and it’s made of six small keys seated between the deep blue waters of the Florida Strait and Everglades National Park.The Point of View Key Largo RV Resort, known for “glamping,” is part of the region and it features a pool overlooking the shore, 110 full hook-up sites, a marina, three docks and a boardwalk.

Islamorada is also a popular fishing destination. Reservations are a must, especially in the winter.

2.Oceanside Beachfront RV resort, Oregon

When you pitch a tent here, you will be spending your short stay next to the beach. Pine-covered cliff shelters the place on the upper side, and it's generally quiet even though some few locals pass by. At the front of the site, there is a trailer selling crab, razor clams, and other seafood, and beachfront cottages for people who don’t want to spend their stay in a tent. Make a date and camp at this place.

3.Conestoga Ranch, Utah

If you want a different camping experience, you should visit this place. You can choose to stay in either a luxurious tent, a traditional tent, or a 19th-century wagon.

The ranch is breathtaking and quite a memorable place to be in. It is situated on a private island surrounded by the waters of the Bear Lake in Utah, and it offers other camping activities like hiking, mountain biking, and lake recreation. Why don’t you go camping in this gorgeous place and live to tell how your experience was?

4. Assateague Island, Maryland

The island is known for its wild ponies that can be found anywhere along the 37-mile beach and bald eagle sightings. Part of the island is in Virginia and camping is not allowed there, but on the Maryland side, there are 300 campsites. The camp is always open, and it offers many outdoor activities, including crabbing, kayak tours, sightseeing cruises, bird wishing, fishing, biking, and hunting.

Moreover, the island houses the new Assateague Nature Center, where visitors can access the park’s resources.

5. Malaekahana Beach Campground, Hawaii

Hawaii hotels are costly, but you can camp at Malaekahana for about $10 per night. Here, you can participate in activities like bike riding, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking or just lounging on the white sand beach. You can rent a little hut, a 20-guest pavilion or four guest suite if you didn’t bring your own tent. Discover what Oahu has in store for you as you camp in Malaekahana Beach Campground.