America is a beautiful nation with lovely people, beautiful cities and jaw breaking natural wonders which can be seen in magazines, blogs, and TV documentaries. However, you can experience them while hiking trails, riding through places, camping, Kayaking, canoeing and much more. Not all people know the best places to go for kayaking, and their first experiences turn out to be disappointing. You ought to know the best locations where you can have unlimited fun and here are the best destinations in America where you can go for kayaking.

1. Arkansas River, Arkansas

The Arkansas River which is the sixth longest river in the US is a beautiful place for kayaking, and it flows from Colorado to Arkansas. One of the things that makes kayaking on this river interesting is the 14,000-foot Rockies on both sides of the river, and there are plenty of spots in the waterway for you to test your angling skills as well as have a lot of fun. Don’t forget to kayak through the Royal George for a memorable experience. The various spots have rapids ranging from Class II to IV.

2. Isle Royale Sea, Michigan

The Isle Royale is the largest island in Lake Superior which is entirely a national park. The island is 50 miles long, and other islands neighbor it from the northeast side.

Known for its moose and wolf populations the island was once a resort location and a fishing center. Kayaking around the island can be an amazing experience as you view the natural beauty of the area. If you want to paddle the sea, this should be your spot.

3. Current River, Missouri

While kayaking on this river, you can have fantastic views of the Ozarks and lush forests at close range, not forgetting the amazing water-filled caves.

You can also enjoy some lovely fall foliage when you paddle the river in the autumn. Its upper sections are challenging, but there are no serious rapids even though the strong current throughout the river can be hazardous at other times. The river’s amazing features make it a National Scenic Waterway, and you should make it your top destination.

4. Salmon River, Idaho

For whitewater kayaking fanatics, this is the best spot for you. Some of the deepest canyons in America are around this region, and magnificent scenic views characterize it. The Salmon River is described as the River of No Return and has three parts for kayaking which are Lower Salmon, that falls under Class III rapids, Main Salmon, with a class range of III-IV rapids and the Middle Fork.

Whether it’s your first time, or you are experienced, why don’t you visit any of these spots above and you can have unforgettable moments. Happy paddling as you enjoy the beauty of nature.