The third episode of season 3 of "Rick and Morty" had set new benchmarks for the shows production, story writing, and creative abundance. It is safe to say that nobody saw it coming.

The degree of the edge of the seat immersive-ness just keeps escalating with each passing episode, and we’re only two down. All said and done, Pickle Rick does seem like an episode that will remain in the hearts and minds of people and fandom alike.

Following the recent release of the trailer for the upcoming episode four, titled “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender", the expectations have risen manifold.

The episode seems like it will be one of the wildest rides "Rick and Morty" have had in a long time. This Star Wars meets Star Trek meets Guardians of the Galaxy kind of episode looks like it’s packed to the brim with life threatening adventure and never before witnessed level of animation and workmanship since the shows very existence.

That’s quite a lot of insight on what to expect this coming week, while still leaving more than sufficient room for imagination and outlandish expectations. One thing is for certain, and that is neither "Rick and Morty", nor Adult Swim are going to let us down.

Rick and Morty Games

You must all be already familiar with the popular "Rick and Morty" game for Mobile devices.

Pocket Morty” has been a huge success ever since its launch, thanks to its Pokemon-like gameplay. There are other non-digital games based on the show that have surfaced now and are available via Amazon. One such game is the “Rick and Morty Anatomy Park” game by “Cryptozoic Entertainment”, which is a tile-based game.

What is that?

A tile-based game is an amusement that utilizes tiles as one of the principal components of play. Customary tile-based games utilize little tiles as playing pieces for betting or amusement recreations.

Some prepackaged games utilize tiles to make their board, giving numerous conceivable outcomes for board format, or permitting changes in the board geometry amid play.

Each individual tile has a tail side and a face side. Domino tiles are generally rectangular, twice the length they are wide and no less than twice as wide as they are thick, however, recreations exist with square tiles, triangular tiles, and even hexagonal tiles.

More about the game

This intuitive and challenging game is based on the overall building of the Anatomy Park from the show by strategic tile laying. The game is for two to four players, and the tiles have reactions which make the game more interesting and wholesome. The game is for people of the ages 18 and up and has a 30-45 minute play time.