Howdy, fandom of "Rick and Morty!" Season three is all lit and happening, and the fandom couldn’t be happier. The show has taken a huge leap in terms of production, animation, and writing, giving it a wholesome and well-rounded edge over other prevalent television shows. The show has gathered a mammoth of a fan base over the past month, owing to the release of the brand new season after what seemed like a wait forever. With six episodes down, the season seems to have primed and is going to head to a much acclaimed and eager-to-be-watched grand finale in about a month’s time.

We’re all very excited, and we’re sure you are too.

The show, in its wake, has drawn attention from various artists and fan-fiction communities, giving it an unrestricted spectrum of unimaginable possibilities. In the world of "Rick and Morty," the concept of multiple, alternate, and parallel realities has been toyed with a lot of times before. The brilliance of the dynamic duo resonated throughout acclaimed television and animated shows, and we’ve made a list of some of the best "Rick and Morty" Crossover arts for you.

#10. Game of Thrones

With Season Seven of Game of Thrones all hot and heavy, we figured we should make this the first.

Brace yourselves, for this genius artwork, is enthralling. Winter is here.

#9. Doctor Who

In a lot of ways, "Rick and Morty" are very similar to the time bending, time-travelling Doctor and his companion. The TARDIS could be the spaceship that Rick casually uses from time to time. Both shows even have similar basal concepts.

#8. Calvin and Hobbes

Everyone’s favorite book and cartoon full of good vibes and subtle-yet-solid life advices on how to adult is given a flavour of "Rick and Morty" in this artwork. Very similar to how Rick is monumental in Morty’s personal growth, as a friend first, and then as a grandpa.

#7. Star Wars

This one is all about the force. Aside from that, Rick has an arsenal of gadgets, and it wouldn’t take him any time at all to engineer a light saber.

#6. The Walking Dead

Looks to us like "Rick and Morty" are all primed to have a standoff with the dead. Good to see Rick playing Rick in the post-apocalyptic world.

#5. Shingeki no Kyojin

The famous paperback-turned-epic-anime Attack on Titan has managed to keep its fans engaged for quite some time now.

And with the recent closure of season two of the show, and the way things ended, a hand from "Rick and Morty" would have definitely sped things up.

#4. Sherlock

"Rick and Morty" are in many ways a sciency and otherworldly mirror to Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, respectively. The duo just cannot seem to be without each other. And here they are, looking dapper as ever.

#3. House of Cards

Rick Sanchez as Francis Underwood and Morty Smith as Claire Underwood is a standalone crossover animated show we are all eager to place our bets on.

This titillating duo seems to know no bounds, obviously, and seeing them as a manipulative couple with untouchable political status and control is mindblowing.

#2. Better Call Saul

Saul Goodman is the conniving, go-to lawyer in case of anything. That’s right, absolutely anything. He’s the man who can solve it all, no matter the size, for the right price. Give or take, Morty makes for a flawless Saul Goodman in this crossover artwork, and we’re all cheers.

#1. Breaking Bad

Speaking of the show that once ruled the television sets in each and every home and is still largely spoken of as an unparalleled genius of a creation, all these qualities do seem similar to what "Rick and Morty" will be in the near future. Rick as Walter White aKa Heisenberg and Morty as Jesse Pinkman is the deadliest drug fuelled duo of all time and space. They are the danger.