Ever since its grand entrance into our lives which had an acute lack luster of quality entertainment, "Rick and Morty" has fared incredibly and impressively well. A down-right heartthrob of an animated television show, "Rick and Morty" is the pinnacle of inter-dimensional, interplanetary science fiction dramedy, and is destined to be celebrated as one of the etched and noteworthy accomplishments of Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, and Adult Swim.

The shows viral nature has gathered quite a varied audience for itself, which is followed by art dedications, comic-adaptation, adaptations in business, music covers, parodies, toys, and the likes.

There have been countless music covers, however, this recent one has caught our senses and we figured we ought to share it with you all because we’re the good guys.

The Adventures of Maui and Moana

A few things don't seem like they would bode well on the script and the video we have in store for you is a testimony to that very fact. A flawless blend of Disney's latest vivified film, Moana, as sung by "Rick and Morty" from Adult Swim's absolutely bonkers animated science fiction television show. But, it works so well when you consider it: Maui absolutely has the bluster and certainty of Rick, regardless of the possibility he isn't as muscular. Be that as it may, to be honest, it fits in more than just perfectly as far as we are concerned.

Everything feels extremely "Rick and Morty" to put negligible exertion into the genuine video itself.

Made by YouTuber Kevin Temmer who did both the voices (Beware, Justin Roiland, this guy is good), the video, and composed the verses, the spoof truly sparkles in the way it catches Rick and Morty's relationship inside the bounds of the Lin-Manuel Miranda melody.

It doesn’t even feel like a spoof considering the nearly perfect mimicry of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith by Kevin.

The gist of it all

The musical parody is Rick addressing Morty and letting him know that he is welcome for all that Rick has given him the opportunity to experience, without which Morty’s life would just be a pointless and mundane existence on C-137.

And let’s face it, Rick has definitely been a vital contributor and benefactor to Morty’s personal growth. Jerry just accepted Morty for who he was.

Rick did the same, except challenged the core factor and took it upon himself to try and make Morty grow and evolve into a better functioning individual. Morty is more than thankful, he just doesn’t show it as much. Nor does Rick, but that’s a whole different ball game.

The video has gathered over two million views on YouTube ever since it was posted and gets a lot of re-shares and views every single day.

What began as just an experiment and a trial version has now evolved into a full-length song which even features a rap by Rick Sanchez. We’ll leave the link to the video so you may check this wholesome goodness out yourself. Until next time. Stay Schwifty!