"Kylie Cosmetics" is not a new name when it comes to makeup. From its lipstick to bronzers to eyeshadow palettes, every single item is used by women all over the world. The high-end cosmetic brand by Kylie Jenner will probably soon achieve a billion dollars in Sales and Kylie's growth has been phenomenal in the two years since the brand's launch.

In a recent interview with WWD, Kylie and Kim K's mom Kris Jenner opened up about how Kylie Cosmetics has made retail sales of $420 million dollars in a mere 18 months This has to be the fastest sales achievements in the history of high-end makeup brands ever!

Predictions are that the sales are most likely to increase by 25 percent by the end of 2017, perhaps allowing Kylie Cosmetics to reach a billion dollars in sales inside of ten years.

There are high possibilities that Kylie Cosmetics, which are only sold online at present, is set to expand to be sold in stores as well. Kris told WWD: "I don't know how we're going to do it. I think it's time people walk into a store and see Kylie Cosmetics."

What about Kim's Contour Kit?

Though the much hyped Kim Kardashian contour kits found an immense market in the world cosmetic market by selling $14.4 million dollars worth of the kits very soon after the launch, how did it compare with Kylie Cosmetics bashing selling margins?

Kylie's booming sales and of course the "B" in the projected billion probably says it all. It seems that nobody influences the market like the Jenner-Kardashian family do. From Kim K's bodycon dresses & contour kits to Kylie J's lip plumpers and lipsticks, these power women know how to make people buy and follow whatever they do.

Kylie Cosmetics ahead of the leading high-end makeup products

In comparison to other established beauty brands like Tom Ford, Lancome, and Bobbi Brown, it took a decade for Tom Ford to reach a mark of $500 million dollars, 25 years for Bobbi Brown get to the billion dollar mark and about 80 years for Lancome. Kylie's range of lipsticks, highlighters, and other makeup palettes have not only outsold Tom Ford and others, but they will see her brand reaching the mark of a billion in just 5 years.

Kylie is yet to launch her range of concealers and foundations unlike other competitors in the market. Her basic apprehension is because of the difficulty that customers face whilst selecting the right colour match online. She says, "It's going to be hard to buy concealer online. That's why I kept pushing it back, [But] I'm up for it."