Reading is a proven method to improve our way of life. Reading books can dramatically change the way you see life, in a good way. It is advised to set a time in your daily schedule exclusively for reading. It does not matter at which point of life you are at or what problems are troubling you, there are many people in the same situation as yourself and also there is often someone who has overcome these problems and can guide you through it.

There have been tons of books written, addressing the many problems of life. It doesn't matter if you are a teen, an adult, a mom, an entrepreneur or a doctor, you can always find a Book that speaks directly to you.

You can read books to improve your mood or your life. Readers also form attachments with the characters of the books and that can fill their lives with joy and amusement.

Here is a list of books that you must consider reading. These books can be read by people looking for ways to improve their financial and social well-being.

'Think and grow rich'

Written by Napoleon Hill, it' s a master piece and one of the most influential books written about money and success. This book can be read by anyone and everyone. This book shows you why anyone can attain financial stability and become successful. The author takes us along to peek into the lives of 500 successful people and points towards their common habits.

The book also shows how you can change your life's situations by exercising control over your will.

'The richest man in Babylon'

This book imparts financial wisdom to its readers through entertaining parables. The book holds the knowledge of financial success and is written in the form of simple rules. It answers many of the questions one can have related to accumulating wealth.

This book contains narratives of people, such as slaves and merchants who increased their income and started living a better life.

Although this book makes references to the historical city of Babylon, the laws of accumulating wealth still remain the same in the modern era. This enjoyable book that holds the readers' interest was written by George Samuel Clason.

'How to win over friends and influence people'

This book is will surely help you to win over people without manipulating them. To grow a business or to live comfortably in a society, one needs to be good at handling people. The author, Dale Carnegie gives real life instances of people who turned situations into their favor through the use of their wits. The formulas given in this book are simple to follow. You can use the ideas given in this book to overcome some of your social anxieties and be a better speaker.

'The happiness hypothesis'

Having a good financial status alone won't help you to live a happy life. There are some other factors that also affect our well being, like our own subconscious.

This book written by Jonathan Haidt draws our attention towards the science of happiness. It explains topics such as meditation and medication as aids to living a satisfactory life. You will come to know the difference between emotionally and intellectually drawn decisions.

'Brain rules'

In this book, John Medina takes you back in history and shows you why the brain is the way it is. This book is about how your brain has evolved with time and how you can organize life efficiently. Whether it is at work, home or school, you can organize your life in many creative ways. Even if you have a million dollar plan ready for your next business, nothing much will happen without proper organization.

The idea of organizing your life may seem a little restrictive at first, but ask any successful person - discipline is freedom.

'The alchemist'

"The Alchemist" is more of a self-help book than a novel. The author, Paulo Coelho gives an insight into the purpose of life through the adventurous journey of a shepherd. This book gives wisdom about life and its ways. It tells you how to address the discontent of your life. Read this book for some serious motivation.


Although the list ends here, these are just a few books from the vast library. The point is to read the books, think upon the values given in the books, make changes in your life and move on to the next book. Reading books can improve many aspects of your life.

Whatever may be bothering you, be it parenting, learning music, or gardening, you can always seek advice from books. Follow this link to see what Oprah Winfrey had to say about her favorite book that changed her life.