Emma Stone’s stars are perhaps shining more than her spectacular and successful performance in this year’s Academy-Award-Winning film, “La La Land.” According to Forbes Highest-Paid Actress list, the 28-year-old Emma stands number 1 defeating some big names actresses such as the former Academy winner Jennifer Lawrence and Friends-fame actress Jennifer Aniston.

La La Land has been Emma’s best performance so far, although, with this, the musical blockbuster also made a smacking number of $445.3 million at the global box office, with grabbing six Oscars and seven Golden Globes in their pocket.

Just like Emma’s character in La La Land, she eventually made it big in Hollywood despite failing in auditions in her initial struggle days.

Top five on Forbes Highest-Paid Actresses list

Number 2 on the list is the ever-charming Jennifer Aniston, who continues to amass millions in her pocket, thanks to her life-long fame via Friends and movies such as “The Yellow Birds”. Aniston not just banks million through her popularity but also by endorsing products on a regular basis.

However, the former-topper on the Forbes List, Jennifer Lawrence stands at number 3. The 27-year-old actress has made $24 million this year, which is just half of her last year’s total. Next, comes Melissa McCarthy at No. 4 with $18 million and Mila Kunis with $15.5 million that round out the Forbes top five.

Serena Williams tops the highest paid female athletes

Serena Williams, who is also expecting her first child, heads the Highest-Paid Female Athletes chart on the Forbes List. Counted as one of the world's top-ranked athletes, the year brings in more happiness for Serena because of the upcoming angel in her life in form of a baby.

Talking about her pregnancy, Serena’s Fiancé Alexis Ohanion reveals the secret about all her cravings in his latest Instagram video. Unlike most pregnant women, Serena is craving all the healthy food in the world. Being pregnant, you get to eat so much of yummy fried food and everything that ladies don’t generally get to eat due to health consciousness.

But Selena being her healthy self is craving all the healthy vegetables and snacks that even Fiancé Alexis is happily flabbergasted.

Jokes apart, the 35-year-old beautiful William is taking great care of her body. In an interview with E! News, the tennis star revealed that her cravings have been minimal, and she is eating healthier than her normal daily life even.