"Keeping up with the Kardashians" star Kim Kardashian launched her beauty line KKW Beauty. E! News reported that it made approximately $14 million in its first day. The sale began on Wednesday at 12 ET/9PT on the KKW website. Within the first 12 minutes, the estimated 300,000 units of Crème Contour And Highlight Kit in Medium ($48) sold out completely. The kit includes two creamy dual-ended shading, highlighting sticks, a kabuki brush and a beauty sponge. The brand also relaunched Créme Liquid Lipsticks for $45 that KKW Beauty made in collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics.

Is Kim competing against sister Kylie Jenner?

Kim Kardashian’s solo venture mirrored the success of the lip kits KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics collaborated on earlier in April. Such immense success has pitted her against her sister, beauty mogul Kylie Jenner. Many see Kim Kardashian’s new venture into the beauty domain as sibling rivalry. They claim that even though she frequently helps her sisters' business, Kardashian does not want her sisters to outshine her. However, the KKW Beauty entrepreneur disagrees with those claims: "Kylie and I love collaborating on our lip kit together, but also makeup is both of our passion," Kim told E!


Scrutiny over KKW Beauty's representation of skin tone

The KKW Crème Contour And Highlight Kit is available in four shades -- light, medium, dark, and deep dark. Kim Kardashian stated in a Vogue interview that her contour kits are unique since they cater to every complexion. She also wrote on Twitter: "I use the medium and dark kits.

The dark kit is great for medium skin tones when you want a darker contour, and you can mix and match shades. I use Dark when I'm tan! Medium for regular when I'm more pale."

Buyers complained that KKW Beauty misrepresents skin color.

Along with previous blackface allegations, some buyers were skeptical in terms of whether the contour kits they bought would match their complexion at all.

One Twitter user commented, “I really want to get @KimKardashian's new make up kit but I'm kind scared that the deep dark kit won't work out for my tone.”

Another commented, "Kim kardashian just said she uses medium to dark from her new line. She definitely didn't make that line for POC."

Despite the backlash, KKW Beauty's popularity continues to increase. The Los Angeles Times reported that the makeup line plans to expand its product range by launching fragrances, powders, and under-eye concealers in the future.