In the “Game of Thrones” series, Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) was declared as the King in the North despite being a bastard. This happened right after he was raised back from the dead and won the battle of the bastards. Despite the fact that his true identity hasn’t been revealed in the series, Jon continues to admirably lead people in the North.

White walkers have been known to bring winter in Westeros. When the problem about them arose, Jon knew that the people in the North will be in great in danger. In order to save his people, he came up with a plan of uniting different clans for a certain a cause – to defeat the White Walkers.

Even though Jon Snow knows how difficult his plan was, he was very optimistic that every clashing clans would come to their senses and see the real Enemy.

Why Did Jon Snow venture to the South?

Despite the distance, Jon Snow traveled all the way to Dragonstone to meet the mother of the Dragons – Queen Daenerys “Stormborn” Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). He came to seek for Dany’s help in fighting the common enemy but the Queen made herself clear first. Dany said that she would only be helping Jon Snow if he’d bend the knee which the latter refused to do.

The King in the North, on the other hand, asks another favor from the queen – to mine the abundant dragon glass in her kingdom. Jon explains its importance in killing the White Walkers and Dany agreed.

However, Daenerys demanded a proof about the existence of the walkers, which is why Jon with Sir Jorah Mormont traveled beyond the wall to provide it to the queen.

Grave encounter in the snow despite their number

Traveling beyond the wall is very tough for some of them who haven’t been traveling to South them and now that winter is among them.

The team stumbled on a living dead Bear killing some of them but Jon Snow managed to keep the rest of them alive. As they continued walking, the Hound (Sandor Clegane) finally sees a mountain like an arrow head, just like what he has been seeing in the fire.

Upon arriving at the “arrow head” mountain, they immediately surrounded some walkers and fought them.

When Jon killed the leader of the pack, all the rest faded to death except for one white walker which they captured immediately. The captured white makes loud screeching noise so they gagged it up but it was too late. It attracted all the rest of the white walkers including the White King, who eventually started to march to their location and the outnumbered livings were trapped in the middle of the icy mountain.