Considered the world’s most controversial religion, Scientology is once again making a big fuss. This time, actress Leah Remini has spoken against the Church again and former friend Tom Cruise.

Outspoken Scientologist and “The Handmaid’s Tale” star Elisabeth Moss, on the other hand, defended the Church on social media. Moss’ defense came after an Instagram user posted a question on the comments section when she shared an image on the photo-sharing platform this week.

What exactly is Scientology?

Many A-list celebrities have been linked to Scientology such as “Mission Impossible” actor Tom Cruise and “Grease” star John Travolta.

But for most outsiders, the religion remains a mystery and with the controversies and issues associated with it, it’s not surprising to learn that it has piqued the public’s curiosity.

Based on its definition found on, it is a religion that “addresses the spirit” and provides an accurate “path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and one’s relationship to self” and other forms of life. This system of religious beliefs was developed by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954.

It also aims to offer freedom and true spiritual enlightenment for everyone who follows its path. The site also stressed that it is not a “dogmatic” religious conviction that teaches its followers to “accept anything” based solely on faith.

Deemed as the “fastest-growing religion in the 21st century,” it has traversed 167 nations with an estimated 4.4 million new followers annually. Apart from being a distinctively modern creed, it also offers real and practical solutions for the difficulties one is facing in life, not to mention its support to Global Social Betterment and Humanitarian Programs.


According to “Secrets of Scientology” by Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, Scientology is a “rich and vengeful religious cult” that is good in dealing with social and thought control. However, knowing about its secrets will need years of massive financial donations and strict obedience.

It could be the world’s “most detailed theology” with 1,000 volumes of doctrine, Huffington Post noted.

Among its dark secrets is the group’s “Operation Snow White,” which is the biggest private act of domestic espionage in the history of the United States.

The cult is also run by a paramilitary team of devotees called the Sea Organization, who reportedly do not have access or contact with the outside world. Its international base called “Int” is located in a secluded compound in the California desert town of Hemet.

Scientology is also known to be a multimillion enterprise that faced several controversies such as abuse, violence against its followers, corruption, and blackmailing. Despite being depicted as a church, it has been classified as a profit-oriented private civil organization, Cultura Colectiva revealed.

Leah Remini, Elizabeth Moss, and other celebs

Aside from Cruise, Remini and Moss have been making headlines due to their connection with the organization. In fact, Remini spoke against the church and her old pal Cruise during a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, implying that Tom is far from being a good person and is a “completely different” one.

Remini added Scientologists will say Cruise is “diabolical” and that the 55-year-old “Top Gun” actor and the group’s current leader David Miscavige “could be twins.” Remini admitted that the cult’s parishioners believed she is evil and only mean to harm, US Weekly reported.

Moss, on the other hand, defended the church when a commenter said Scientology and Gilead are “wrong or evil.” The actress responded that it’s “not true at all.” In the past, Moss also explained that she considers the religion as a “self-applied practice.”

Apart from the aforementioned celebs, there are other personalities who have been associated with the organization. These include Laura Prepon, Juliette Lewis, Beck, Kirstie Allie, Kelly Preston, Jenna Elfman, Nancy Cartwright, Anne Archer, Erika Christensen, Jason Lee, Jerry Seinfeld, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.