"Game of Thrones" season 7 episode 4 featured a lot of hidden clues and interesting details. Here are the best ones I found!

Who saved Jaime?

After Jaime's foolish charge against a full grown dragon, someone pushed him out of the line of fire. Who saved him? Bronn, of course! When Drogon was about to burn Jaime alive, the former sellsword knocked the Lannister into the water. We don't know if Jaime is going to be okay (in the last seconds of episode 4 he is sinking because of the armor), but we certainly hope so.

Daenerys and Jon's words

Daenerys and Jon's conversations are loaded with callbacks and hidden clues.

During the scene inside the dragonglass cave, Jon convinces Dany that the White Walkers are real and she promises to help him if he bends the knee. Jon says that his men will not accept a Southern ruler and Dany asks him "Isn't their survival more important than your pride?" Those are the exact same words Jon Snow said to Mance Rayder back in season 5.

The spirals again

We already saw the drawings made by the Children of the Forest in the cave. The spirals and the other symbols appeared in the previous seasons of the show: both the Children of the Forest and the White Walkers used them (but the Others uses human body parts to create this kind of drawings). It's interesting to note that the Children and the First Men, according to the drawings, ultimately joined their forces to fight the White Walkers.

The guards never trust Arya

When Arya arrives at Winterfell in "The Spoils Of War", the guards don't believe the young Stark is still alive and warn her to get lost. This is exactly what happened back in "GOT" season 1 when Arya tried to get inside the King's Landing gates and the guards, noticing how dirty and miserable she was thought that she was some low-born girl trying to sneak in the castle.


There is a funny callback to Stannis in episode 4. While Jon and Davos are walking side by side at Dragonstone, the King in the North asks the Onion Knight how many men do they have in the North. "Ten thousand?" asks Jon, "Less?"

"Fewer", Ser Davos corrects him. Apparently, Davos learned something from Stannis, after all.

Robert's brother was kind of a Grammar Nazi; he corrected Davos in the past when he was using incorrectly the word "less" and now the Onion Knight apparently think that it's time to pass on his knowledge to Jon.

Arya and Brienne on how they learnt to fight

At the end of the wonderful fight scene featuring Arya and Brienne, the "Big Lady" asks, in astonishment, "Who taught you to do that?" "No one", Arya replies. This is a callback to season 4 when Brienne meets Arya and the young Stark asks her "Who taught you how to fight?". Brienne replies that her father taught her and the two share a nice moment. Then the Hound approaches Brienne and the meeting degenerates into an epic swordfight.

The Golden Company

After Cersei and the Iron Bank's emissary's new meeting, it's clear what the queen wants to do: she intends to take out a new loan from the Iron Bank of Braavos to hire The Golden Company. But who are they?

According to the books, The Golden Company are one of the largest and most skilled sellsword companies in Essos. Consist of ten thousand highly trained soldiers, several thousand horses and a number of elephants. The company is reputed to have never broken a contract; It was founded by the Great Bastard, Aegor Rivers aka Bittersteel, and is made up in part of Westerosi exiles. The mercenaries' motto is "Our word is good as gold" and their war cry is "Beneath the gold, the bitter steel."

Sansa loves her family and is aware of Littlefinger's dangerousness

This is really important.

It's clear that Sansa still loves her family members. In "The Spoils of War" she also warns Bran about Littlefinger, showing that she's well aware of Baelish's dangerousness. Maybe we have all underestimated her. She doesn't look like someone who can be easily manipulated!

The dagger

In episode 4, the dagger used in Bran's assassination attempt is given to Bran by Littlefinger. The Three-Eyed-Raven immediately gives the weapon to Arya, fueling a lot of theories. The blade is made of Valyrian steel, which suggests that it could be used to kill a White Walker... We should also point out that a drawing of the same weapon was featured in one of the forbidden books Sam was reading a few episodes ago.

This ancient dagger is totally going to play a role in the next episodes of the show.

Daenerys' good heart

This is, by far, the best-hidden detail in season 7. It's just too funny. After correcting Jon's grammar, Davos accuses him of staring at what Jon called "Daenerys' good heart." Well, as you can see from the picture above, Davos wasn't joking: in one of the previous scenes there is a moment when Jon actually looks at "Daenerys' heart"!

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