Jaime Lannister, who also earned the nickname Kingslayer, is arguably one of the most popular characters in the TV series, “Game of Thrones.” However, that was not the case when he was introduced in the first season. In fact, he was despised by many viewers due to the fact that he tried to kill Bran Stark in the very first episode of the highly popular series.

So how did Jaime become one the most beloved characters in the show after being initially hated by many? Let’s take a look at his transformation that made him a vital part of “Game of Thrones.”

How Jaime Lannister was introduced in the show

Jaime was introduced in a very unsympathetic way and has done several despicable things; many thought that the character would receive no love throughout the series.

First, he was seen committing incest with his twin sister Cersei, this act then forces him to commit an attempted murder of Ned Stark’s son, Bran, when the boy discovered the incest. In addition, he also killed his own cousin to try to escape when he was a prisoner of Robb Stark.

He also earned the nickname Kingslayer by killing his own king, Aerys Targaryen, also known as the Mad King, when Robert Baratheon started a rebellion to claim the iron throne.

The time Jaime started to become more human

Everything changed at the start of the third season, most notably during the time he spent with Brienne of Tarth, became the crucial turning point of Jaime Lannister’s character.

Audiences first saw a glimpse of Jaime’s human side when he discouraged the Bolton men from raping Brienne.

Jaime even tried to save her when she was forced by the Bolton’s to square off with a bear for their own amusement while in Harrenhal.

The most tragic thing that happened to Jaime up to that point was when Vargo Hoat chopped off his sword- wielding hand. Jaime was a very skilled fighter and without his sword hand, he started to question his own ability as a fighter and slowly became more human in the process.

The new side of Jaime that people know and love

After the hand-chopping incident, people started to see the softer side of Jaime as the series progressed. However, this is not the first time Jaime showed a sense of decency towards others as he revealed to Brienne the reason why he killed the Mad King.

Apparently, the Mad King would rather burn King’s Landing, including the people who lived in it, than give his kingdom to the rebellious Robert Baratheon.

To prevent this from happening, Jaime decided to put a sword into the Mad King’s back to save lives in King’s Landing.

He also saved his brother Tyrion from certain death when he helped him escape King’s Landing after being accused of murdering King Joffrey.

With all these noble deeds Jaime did, people need to remember that he is still a Lannister and he continues to support his twin sister Cersei. The question is; how long will Jaime support his evil sister?