diabetes is often termed the "silent killer." There are about 300 million people all across the world who die from diabetes. However, if you are diagnosed with the disease there is no reason to panic. With some restrictions and control, you can deal with diabetes. When it comes to dealing with diabetes properly, there are a few Foods you want to avoid

Avoid sugar beverages

Sugar beverages can be very dangerous for you if you are a blood sugar patient. The consumption of sugary beverages will certainly increase the level of glucose in your blood and it will ultimately result in high blood sugar.

Therefore, if you want to control your diabetes, the very first thing you should do is avoid sugar beverages. For a better guide, you can consult with your dietitian.

Avoid trans fats

Trans fats are something which comes with snacks or mainly junk foods. These trans fats can be very harmful to your body and in some cases, it can cause some serious damage by affecting your blood pressure as well. At the same time, it can increase the bad cholesterol as well. Even if you are not a diabetic it would be wise to avoid too much of this junk food. However, if you avoid these trans fats, it can assist you in keeping your blood sugar under control.

Avoid pasta and rice

Pasta and rice can be a problem when it comes to the spiking up your Blood Sugar Level.

A recent study discussed on Nature.com has shown that people who consume more pasta and rice than the other people have a greater chance of suffering from diabetes in the future. Therefore, if you do have a habit of consuming a lot of pasta and rice then try to consult with your dietitian for detailed advice.


Alcohol can be very dangerous for you if you are suffering from diabetes.

Regular alcohol consumption can work as a positive catalyst. If you consume alcohol regularly then you will notice that your blood sugar has spiked up from normal to high which is not unacceptable. Therefore, it is very important to restrict your intake as far as possible.

Junk foods

If you are diagnosed with diabetes then you really want to avoid some junk foods as well.

Most of the junk foods contain such ingredients which can easily spike up your LDL level. When the level of LDL or bad cholesterol is increased in your blood, then there is a good chance of having a heart attack in time. Simultaneously, it can increase your blood sugar level as well. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, then it is always advised to avoid junk foods.