The fifth episode of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” did not feature any battles, which a lot of fans would have wanted, but it did reference a lot of things that happened from the past seasons. For those viewers who are paying close attention to details, they might have learned some easter eggs found in the books as well.

Here are the best moments from the episode, “Eastwatch,” of “Game of Thrones.” This contains spoilers, which means you should read at your own risk.

Randyyl and Dickon Tarly burn to a crisp

We start off at the early part of the episode where Daenerys orders Drogon to burn Randyyl Tarly and his son, Dickon.

After the battle has concluded, all the surviving Lannister troops have been gathered and were given a choice by the Mother of Dragons; bend a knee and serve the rightful queen, or die. The majority of the soldiers, who feared for their lives, heeded and bent their knees except for a handful of troops, including Randyyl and Dickon.

The father and son were stubborn and refused to bend a knee, Tyrion even tried to persuade them to do so, but to no avail. Consequently, Daenerys sentenced them to death and ordered Drogon to burn them in front of the Lannister soldiers.

After their death, all of the Lannister troops bent their knees to avoid the same fate as the Tarly’s.

Jaime and Tyrion reunite

After a very long time, the Lannister brothers Jaime and Tyrion finally met each other in King’s Landing.

Tyrion wanted to meet Jaimie in person to relay Daenerys’s offer of an armistice with Cersei because of the threat of a White Walker army. Bronn has set up Jaime to meet with Tyrion. After controlling his emotions and eagerness of slicing Tyrion in half, Jaime asked Tyrion what he wanted.

Jaime went to Cersei to tell her about the meeting with their brother.

However, she already knew about Tyrion being at King’s Landing. She also revealed that she is pregnant with Jaime’s child, which brought him to tears.

Meanwhile, Davos met with Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard son, at King’s Landing. Ironically, Gendry is a blacksmith and has been making armor and weapons for the Lannister’s.

Davos brought Gendry with him to Dragonstone where he met Jon Snow.

In Dragonstone, Snow told Gendry that he once met his father, a reference to season one where he met King Baratheon in the very first episode. Gendry also told Snow that he met Ned Stark, a reference when he was investigating about Robert’s bastard son.

An unlikely alliance with the Brotherhood

At the last part of the “Eastwatch” episode, we see Jon Snow, Gendry, Jorah, The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros, and Tormund all went beyond the Wall to face the White Walkers.

Apparently, the Brotherhood and The Hound were captured by Tormund because they tried to go beyond the wall to battle the army of the dead. Even though they all have reasons to hate each other, they formed an unlikely alliance because they all have one thing in common, which is to battle the White Walkers beyond the Wall.