People around the world love to travel most of the time. However, travelers have different priorities in selecting the place of their vacation. Oftentimes, travelers would want to arrange their itineraries ahead of time in order to avoid the hassle.

Factor to consider before traveling

In terms of traveling, one of the best factors to consider is the safety of the place. Perhaps, travelers should take into consideration the security of their vacation destination in order to enjoy the trip fully. This list is among the safest places to travel this year and these countries have mostly scored 95% in terms of safety and security according to Travelers Today.

Safest vacation destinations

Finland. It is ranked among the safest countries to visit in 2017. It has the best Tourist Attractions which include the most popular Nothern Lights, the Midnight Sun Film Festival, and the most visited Lapland. Despite dropping its score, Finland is still among the best destinations to go this 2017.

The United Arab Emirates. Despite the escalating tension brought by terrorist attacks, the UAE is still among the top choices to go for a safe vacation. It has the superb tourist attractions and luxurious dinings to enjoy for. Further, it was also reported that the UAE often hosts 10 million international visitors every year, thus, making it on the top list of tourists' destinations.

Hong Kong. This country is known for having the lowest number of terrorist attacks, and perhaps, is also among the safest places to go for vacation. This country is also known for its reach culture which is clearly evident among its different tourists' attractions.

Portugal. When planning to go somewhere in Europe, Portugal is the best stop.

This country offers tourists the best adventures like exploring hilltops, walking through their famous vineyards, and even tasting its popular vino. According to Simplemost, this country is also famous for its delicious sardines.

Singapore. Being named as the most expensive city in the world, Singapore is definitely one of the best countries to visit.

This country has successfully made into the list of the safest city to visit due to its lowest rates of crimes and acts of terrorism. Tourists will surely enjoy the different spots and as well as will make its visitors gone wild shopping into their malls.

Apart from the United States, these places are among the five of the safest countries that you should try visiting this year. The country's safety was measured according to the extent of crime rates as well as with the numbers of tourists each year.