Rome is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching cities in the world. With so many museums and historical landmarks, it's tricky to fit it into a small schedule. Here is a guide on the must-see's and do's if you're on a limited city break.

The Vatican City is home to the most religious part of Rome. The first sight to greet you is the beautiful St Peters Basilica. Entry is free but be prepared to wait as the queues are long and winding.

At all times of the day there will be some form of a queue but if you visit during the late afternoon, queues are halved to around 30 minutes once peak time is over, leaving the area quieter.

This makes visiting the church much more enjoyable allowing you to enjoy the church interior, the architecture, and tranquility inside. The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel should not be missed! Even if you’re not religious, admiration is given for the outstanding work the museum has to offer.

Explore historic sites

the top tip for all the museums and attractions is to buy your tickets online before you go as if you do not, you will be queuing up to two hours to get in. Queuing in the sunshine may seem nice, but there will be ticket touts trying to get you in for double the price! Dress code is important when visiting the holy attractions. Be sure to cover up your legs and shoulders or you will be pulled up on this, especially in the Sistine Chapel, where guards will ask you to leave or cover-up.

The Coliseum is the most iconic sight in Rome and one of the most popular tourist attractions. The monument is so breath taking and is surrounded by beautiful areas for you to sit and admire. You can easily walk around the building, however, tickets have to be bought if you wish to enter the Coliseum itself.

By booking your Coliseum tickets online, you get the beautiful Roman Forum admission included in your price.

It's worth putting aside a few hours to explore both sites properly and this is a good way to break the day up. If you're a history buff, there are plenty of tour groups available to join. Paying for a tour guide allows you to jump the queue, and gives you access to underground ruins that only tours can visit.

When it comes to food; try everything.

Eat to your heart's content and you will not regret it. Gelato is everyone's best friend so grab a cone and relax in front of the gorgeous Trivi Fountain.

Travel essentials

Appropriate footwear: Rome has very old fashioned cobbled streets and hills and there is a lot of walking involved even if you choose to just go shopping. Happy feet result in a happy holiday

AA Travel mini guide: The book is the right size to stow away in a bag without taking up any room. It comes complete with maps and the best times to visit top attractions. It also contains some common phrases for you to try and communicate with locals.