The hacker group, called Anonymous, has become infamous for their ability to infiltrate web servers and leak sensitive information online. Every time they have shown themselves on camera, they wore Guy Fawkes masks to hide their true identity.

Although the group Anonymous has been known to attack the government, corporate and religious websites, the hackers have also performed attacks that benefited the people. Here are some of the good things Anonymous has done for the good of mankind.

Anonymous fought child pornography

The hacktivist group has very strong feelings against child pornography.

So much so that the group exposed certain entities that provided a platform for promoting child exploitation, particularly the owners and operators at Freedom Hosting.

Anonymous has demanded the removal of any content pertaining to child pornography from the platform.

In 2007, Anonymous was able to bring down Chris Forcand, a known internet predator that lures children to do his evil deeds. The hacker group posed as children and collected evidence such as sexual chats and pictures. The group turned over the evidence to the authorities that led to Forcand’s arrest. He was charged with attempted exposure, attempt to invite sexual touching and for possession of a dangerous weapon, among others.

Anonymous has declared war on ISIS

The group ISIS has been having trouble operating online, thanks to Anonymous. After the terrorists claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, Anonymous has vowed to deter future attacks from happening.

The hacktivist group was able to shut down thousands of social media accounts related to ISIS.

In addition, Anonymous has also taken down several ISIS-related websites. ISIS has lost a significant amount of digital currency during the cyber-attack.

Anonymous attacks North Korea

The hacker group focused its attention on North Korea after the state launched a rocket in February 2016, which North Koreans claimed carried a satellite.

Anonymous responded by shutting down three North Korean websites just hours after the launch to try to disrupt its communication with the satellite. The group was able to bring down additional websites in the following days. This move by the hackers was also intended to discourage the state to launch any more satellites in the future.

North Korea’s main purpose is to have the biggest number of nuclear weapons. Perhaps people around the world have applauded the hacker group after they started the attack.