Wubba Lubba Dub Dub! Every single season and an episode of "Rick and Morty" is a fortune unto itself. Growing upon co-maker Dan Harmon's inclination for social references, combined with co-maker Justin Roiland's expertise for characters, the cartoon has a ton of fun in a wide range of ways. It's science fiction edge and shrewd silliness make it the sort of animated series you just wished you'd encountered on Sunday mornings as a child.

Because of its innovation and imaginative plots, Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty" has turned into a moment faction sensation.

Between the wacky pair's between inter-dimensional adventures and similarly unusual home-life, the show ends up being an unadulterated and wholesome gold mine. Like the greater part of the current cartoons and animated shows, "Rick and Morty" has featured a fine arsenal of famous celebrities as voice actors in its episodes. We have put together a list of some of the best guest stars and celebrities from the show and we’re sure you had no idea about these.

Matt Walsh as Sleepy Gary

Sleepy Gary is the sort of kind, obliging and amiable man to pull in both Beth and Jerry. Walsh's calming voice loans Sleepy Gary the tenderness to pull off the funny sentimental storyline in Total Rickall.

Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele as Testicle Monsters

The Fourth Dimensional Beings, who just so happen to resemble a mammoth gonad, additionally have little tolerance for managing sass. Known for playing characters with huge responses, Key and Peele’s exasperated shrieks and jovial and extempore mentality make the perfect omniscient time traveling creature who simply needs to set things right in A Rickle in Time.

Danny Trejo as Jaguar

Pickle Rick was made even more special by the sheer presence of Danny Trejo in his iconic role as the criminal who was incarcerated by a Russian agency.

Anything with Danny in it means a whole lot of badassery.

Alfred Molina as The Devil

Alfred Molina gives the Devil a touch of the enigmatic do well appeal. He was one of the more smart adversaries Rick went head to head against with Summer in the middle of it all as the Devil's apprentice in Something Ricked This Way Comes.

Patton Oswald as Beta - 7

Beta-7 is the super-geeky being and is dreadfully timid to express his emotions to Unity. This makes for an ungainly, yet humorous trade when he visits her planet and is welcomed by the reckless Rick Sanchez in the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation.

Jemaine Clement as Fart

Jemaine Clement features in Mortynight Run as Fart, who sings tunes to Morty that uncover the marvels of the universe, which normally include passing and decimation. The way that it's originating from an extraterrestrial fart, in any case, Clement's voice appears to have more than just worked for the part and the song Goodbye Moonmen is an absolute wonder.

Keith David as President

Incredible on-screen legend Keith David has a voice appropriate to portrayal and authority, a point well demonstrated in his turn as President in the episode Get Schwifty.

Entrusted with keeping the earth from inescapable demolition, David gives the president a straightforward vitality that helps fuel the race against time to develop the ideal tune for the Cromulons.

John Oliver as Dr. Xenon Bloom

Rick and his accomplice Dr. Xenon Bloom fabricate a carnival within a dead vagrant to frame a refreshed thought on Jurassic Park. As the straight-talking specialist who's endeavoring to keep things going regardless of the mounting issues emerging around his group, Oliver flawlessly loans Bloom a snarky British attitude that functions admirably for the episode Anatomy Park.

Stephen Colbert as Zeep

Like Rick, Zeep is a virtuoso mad scientist, however, that doesn't mean his social attitudes are adequate with his astuteness, an issue that alone advances the ill will between the two geniuses. Known for his capacity to play presumptuous and haughty, Colbert fills in as a perfect voice for Zeep, who keeps pace with Rick every step of the way in the episode The Ricks must be Crazy.

David Cross as Prince Nebulon

David voices the cunning and hilarious Prince Nebulon of the Zigerion Scammers, who tries to trap "Rick and Morty" in a series of simulations in the episode M.

Night Shyam-Aliens. Obviously, the dynamic duo figures out how to outmaneuver the irregular outsiders, along with Jerry, who is also somehow mixed up in all of this. My Man!

Kurtwood Smith as General Nathan

Appearing in the episode Get Schwifty, General Nathan voiced by Kurtwood is the one keen on making the President launch a nuclear strike on the Cromulons as he has no hope in "Rick and Morty" composing a hit song. He flawlessly does justice to the role and has a voice fit for a general who is a ruthless example of a strict, no-nonsense military leader.

Christina Hendricks as Unity

Unity, voiced by Hendricks in the episode Auto Erotic Assimilation, who happens to be Rick’s ex-girlfriend and who astutely plays into generalizations of practical ladies tossing their achievements out the window to pursue an old flame, fit the role with much ease.

There couldn’t be anybody else who would do justice to the character. Unity passes on a sweet attentiveness that is no match for Rick's appeal.

Joel McHale as Hemorrhage

Summer’s love interest, the bucket-headed savage Hemorrhage from the episode Rickmancing the Stone has McHale written all over it. Being a part of Dan Harmon’s other project Community, Joel had no issues whatsoever pulling off this role in full character.

Werner Herzog as Shrimply Pibbles

Herzog is the social liberties pioneer Shrimply Pibbles in the episode Interdimensional Cable 2 : Tempting Fate.

He is essentially intergalactic space philanthropist and pioneer. The heart of the loved pioneer is coming to a halt, and specialists in a healing center find that his heart can be replaced with Jerry’s penis.

Nathan Fillon as Cornvelious Daniel

Fillion loans his voice to Cornvelious Daniel, the Gromflomite Galactic Federation Agent in the episode The Rickshank Redemption who attacks Rick's psyche to get the equation behind Rick's portal gun.

Andy Daly as Krombopulos Michael

Krombopulos Michael is effectively extraordinary compared to other minor characters from the show and is a huge hit amidst the fans.

He shows up in the episode Mortynight Run and despite being a short lived character, Andy Daly does justice to the role of this fan favorite assassin.