News from the USA that created a buzz around the world in the week 21 to 25 August varied from bizarre, to cute, and in some instances, horrifying. President Trump is the most newsworthy personality and not just within the USA.

Something horrifying happened in the stock exchange and a cute little girl stole the moment during a celebrity interview.

Bizarre news - nothing beats the latest Elon Musk theory. Dark thoughts? Look no further than Taylor Swift. Read on to find out the news that caused a buzz.

ITV's cute moment with Alastair Stewart

Live TV is always at risk of things going wrong and Alastair Stewart of ITV experienced a live moment of this nature on August 23.

This time, it was not a disaster but was simply a cute moment when a little girl stole the show during an interview with her mother while they were discussing milk allergies.

Out of nearly a 140 thousand views, only 24 people gave the little imp the thumbs down.

Bizarre News - Elon Musk and killer robots

Elon Musk is concerned about artificial intelligence and the potential of killer robots. This might sound like sci-fi but he is deadly serious.

Even Games Con fanatics took time out on August 22 to talk about Musk's bizarre and hopefully, not prophetic, take on AI.

TechNewsDay said it was "almost as though he had been sent back from the future to stop the robotic apocalypse uprising."

Horrific news that triggered panic on the stock market

Most of us, especially those with a blind faith that things will remain normal, or those who are numerically challenged, are bored silly with news from the stock markets.

Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of people rushed off to view the news that caused such a buzz on the stock market on August 22.

It all revolved around the "Dreaded Hindenburg Moment." As there is no space here to explain what that means, it's probably best you watch the video below.

Celebrity News that buzzed - Taylor Swift's 'Look What You Made Me Do' video

Taylor Swift released a video of her latest offering titled "Look What You Made Me Do." The vid contained some very dark lyrics which got every Swiftie fan buzzing.

You don't have to be a fan of Taylor Swift to want to know what the news is all about.

In a single day nearly half a million people viewed a clip about it all that was posted on the Clevver News YouTube Channel.

Pop over and find out what the buzz is all about by watching the video below.

News about President Trump

President Donald Trump is always news and constantly causing a buzz, so choosing which should feature in this was not easy. I decided to go with Trevor Noah and his take on the "Wall" in a Daily Show episode - mainly because so many people are unhappy with Trump that getting a laugh out of him has just got to be good for the soul.

It might appear to be old news from 25 April but the number of viewers on YouTube is still rising and over three and a half million people have viewed it, with the discussion in the comments still buzzing throughout the past week.