It is a true fact that at a certain age in life, a woman’s breasts will most likely be subjected to sagging. women don’t like this and will do almost anything possible to avoid it, or at least postpone it to a time when it will not be that much of an issue anymore.

This might be inevitable but I am here to give you some killer Tips based on many years of research by qualified medical personnel and also some experience from older women to help you avoid early breast sagging and maintain your youthful appearance for as long as possible.

Always wear a supportive bra that is the right size

Putting on a supportive bra is essential to maintaining your breast shape. Make sure it is fitted properly as it will resist gravity and also eliminate bouncing while you are walking.

These steps help prevent the ligaments and skin of your breast from sagging.


A major way of maintaining your body’s suppleness is by participating in exercises. You must engage in physical activities regularly.

In women, exercise helps to emphasize your breast’s perkiness. Make sure to put o a well-fitted bra when engaging in exercises as they help hold the breasts together, thereby eliminating bouncing wand preventing stress.

Always massage

Gently massage and moisturize your breasts on a daily basis.

You’ll do that in a circular motion, upside down and the reverse. This will aid the breast in being supple while retaining its elasticity.

Shun smoking

Cigarettes are comprised of chemicals which are harmful to the collagen present in our skin thereby making it less stretchy and weaker which in turn causes the breasts’ sagging and the skin to wrinkle.

Immediately the skin surrounding the breasts loses its elasticity, the breast will begin to sag no matter what your age is. Bear this in mind and always shun smoking.

Consume enough proteins

Proteins aid in healing damage to the skin, muscles and connective tissues. The human body uses proteins to heal damage. Proteins help to strengthen the breasts and aids them in resisting gravity while remaining perky.

Some foods that are rich in protein are milk, nuts, meat, beans, etc.

Shun weight variations

Maintaining a stable weight is a major key. Try avoiding any rapid any rapid increase and decrease in weight. Yo-yo weight fluctuations through dieting followed by obesity can cause your skin and your breasts to wrinkle and elongate.

Consume complex carbohydrates

If you are the type that engages in regular exercises, then this is essential for you. These complex carbohydrates needs longer time to digest while providing energy to your body needs for a longer period of time when compared with the simple sugars.

This energy source is essential when exercising and it will also aid in preventing exhaustion while engaging body activities.

Some nice sources of complex carbohydrates include whole-grain breeds’ lentils, corn green peas, beans, etc.

Breast-feeding doesn’t cause breast sagging

Finally, breast-feeding doesn't cause breast sagging.

The breasts tend to sag as they get heavier and larger while you are pregnant because the process of your body preparing to feed the baby the stretching of the breast ligaments.

However, breastfeeding or not, your breast will still sag as you age. If you follow these tips, hopefully, they will not sag for many years to come.