There are a couple of do’s and don’ts that one should follow in order to master the art of walking the right way. But, little did everyone know, that emotions such as Happiness and sadness actually depends on one’s Walking Style. A new Study led by US-based experts, Jeffrey Miller and Zlatan Krizan suggest that physical movement is the majority of the times responsible for improving one’s mood.

Walk by putting their foot in front can cause happiness

A walk has been discovered to benefit an individual’s mood exponentially. The study suggests that in order to trigger a good mood, one must walk by putting their foot in front of the other.

This must be carried out for a couple of minutes. Within a matter of seconds (depending on the time the brain takes to register this movement), an individual’s mood will be found to be improving. Walking this way is not affected by factors that involve questions such as where, when and who. The physical movement should be carried out carefully, and the results will be seen, anyway. As pointed by the Daily Mail, this is the first time that such a discovery has been made. The study led by experts from the Iowa State University suggests movements allow individuals to feel emotions.

Here's what study has found out

The researchers carried out this test on a bunch of students, who weren’t aware of the objective of what they were being made to do.

The students were divided into two groups – out of which, one was made to go on a 12-minutes long college tour, while the other was made to sit within the campus. Both were made to watch a video/picture afterward, and rather lethargic responses were achieved. The second part of the test involved another group of students, but this time, the researchers taught them how they were meant to walk.

They were later asked to write a two-page-long essay.

Findings of the research

The final test was carried upon a group of young individuals, who were asked to watch “Saatchi Gallery” videos while sitting, walking (on a treadmill) or standing. Towards the end, it was discovered that those were taught the right way to talk, scored higher in terms of maintaining a positive mood.

The researchers of the study feel that the society underestimates the extent to which, a walk can improve their overall bodily movement. It is all about mastering a walk, and one is good to go. The study will help in tackle anxiety and depression developing among millions of people.