After over 200 episodes, it is the least to say that "Supernatural" has made an immense impact on the world of television. Sam and Dean Winchester have managed to show to the world over and over what heroes are capable of doing. Although there are many great episodes and story lines to choose from, we have arrived at a final show down of five.

5. Mystery Spot

Although this would classify as a light hearted episode of "Supernatural" (and we have to admit it kinda is at certain moments), it is also packed up with tons of emotions. After the famous "Trickster" decides to play with Sam's sanity and kill Dean over a hundred times (some of we way were kind of funny- kind of), we get to see how Sam would react in the event of his brother dying.

The whole series deals with the drama of Dean going to Hell and Sam understands how it feels to be hopeless and to lose everything you were fighting for.

4. Sacrifice

In this final episode of season 8, the brothers make the final decision of closing the "Gates of Hell" by having Sam Winchester complete "The Trials." However, as the fandom knew that Sam was getting worse by the day due to the challenges he was facing. However, the plot twist involved Sam dying if he managed to complete them. When Dean found out, he tried to stop him. However, everything that the brothers had been arguing about resurfaced up to the point of Sam being on the verge of suicide.

3. All Hell Breaks Loose (Part I&II)

In the last episodes of season 2, the fans finally got all their answers about the mysterious Yellow Eyed Demon and why Sam had his psychic abilities.

After all the "Special Children" were gathered and forced to bring out the worse in them, in order just to survive, Sam Winchester showed his true pure essence. In fact, he decided never to take a life if he could choose otherwise, although it ended up in him sacrificing himself and Dean having to resurrect him by selling his soul in a demon deal.

2. Don't Call me Shurley

After the Darkness releases her wrath in the form of a dark fog, it is up to the Winchesters to save the day. The fog gets into the darkest corners of people minds, uses their fears, blinds their vision, and makes them do terrible things they would never even consider thinking. Sam and Dean Winchester are caught in the midst of all of this, and on the verge of all ending, God or Chuck Shurley, shows up and does millions of miracles in the course of an afternoon.

To find him, the brothers follow the Samulet, the necklace that Sam kept all those years in the pocket of his jacket.

And the runner uppers for the top five episodes of "Supernatural" are "The Man Who Knew Too Much," "The Magnificent Seven," and "Just My Imagination" (even Sam Winchester's imaginary friend is a very bad ass).

1. Swan Song

In the words of Eric Kripke, season 5 was supposed to be the end of it all. It was meant to be the final closure to one of the most epic story arch-s ever written. However the show got renewed for another season, and we all know where that leads. In an epic showdown between Michael and Lucifer (he possesses Sam's body), in the final moments where all hope seems lost, Sam manages to control the Devil, saves his brother and the world itself. He sacrifices himself for the good of the universe without giving it a second thought, just because that is what heroes are supposed to do.