Everyone is into health and fitness nowadays. With free radicals present in almost everything we do and everywhere we go, being physically fit is extremely important to boost the immune system.

The demand for a highly capable tracking device greatly increases by the day. Sports enthusiasts require a device to track their daily development including calories burned, a total number of steps made, miles covered, and much more. This is where smart watches come in the picture.

The smart watch/wearable market is currently dominated by the Apple. This is not a shocker anymore.

Almost anything that Apple ventures into becomes a cash cow. However, the Apple Watch somehow comes with limitations. As great as it is, the extent of its features are enjoyed by mostly Apple users.

So what happens to Android users? Well, there's Samsung, of course! Just like in the handheld world, those who are not on iPhone are likely using a Samsung phone. For Android users, the Samsung Gear S3 is an answered prayer!

What's awesome with the Gear S3?

According to Tech Radar, the Samsung Gear S3 is compatible with all Galaxy phones. Even better, the compatibility is extended to all Android devices running on Android 4.4 to the latest versions. If such device has at least 1.5GB of RAM, then the Samsung Gear S3 is all set and ready to use.

The Gear S3 features an impressive battery which lasts long. Its longevity is similar to the Apple Watch 2. It can last hours or even up to days in between charges. This is impressive, especially for its bigger 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display.

It is waterproof which takes physical activity to a whole new level. There's no need to worry about the sudden downpour.

It can even be worn while doing laps. It also comes with the usual heart rate monitor, altimeter, NFC, sensors, and much more. The next-generation S3 is even rumored to sport a curved-edge display.


The Gear S3 is big and heavy. For those who don't fancy big watches, its 59-gram weight may be a little annoying and uncomfortable.

It is significantly heavier than Apple Watch 2 which only weighs 45.6 grams. For a lightweight and capable option, the Samsung Gear S2 is great for weighing 42 grams.

Practical buyers may also shy away from its tag price. Its $349 price is a little bit on the higher price range. It is almost as expensive as the Apple Watch 2. There are several more affordable smart watches available in the market. These devices may not be as capable, but possess the common features of a smart watch.