"Overwatch" heroes each have their own set of skills and abilities that give them an edge in battle. These abilities do not always fall in line with their particular class but match with their overall playstyle. However, sometimes players do not use the full potential of individual skills which ultimately means they aren't using a character to their full potential. In line with this, here are some of the most underrated skills in "Overwatch."

Guardian Angel - Mercy

Support heroine Mercy is often the target of her enemies because she can provide some solid healing while also having the ability to resurrect her teammates.

Playing as the character is essentially putting a big target on your head and while it's usually up to your team to protect you, there are times when you have to take care of yourself.

Aside from her pistol, Mercy's Guardian Angel ability quickly speeds her away from harm as long as there is a teammate within sight. The ability has such a short cooldown that Mercy player should be using the skill to avoid danger whenever they can. Granted, the healer shouldn't be flying around the entire match, but making good use of this ability should make Mercy difficult to kill.

Hack - Sombra

When Sombra was released last year, she brought in the element of stealth to the game. Aside from being able to slip in and out of enemy lines easily, Sombra could also use her hack ability to secure health packs, disable turrets, and "silence" enemies from using their skills.

While most Sombra players use her hack on health packs, this skill is also beneficial for certain characters. Heroes who rely on their skills like Reinhardt, D.Va, and Orisa are perfect targets since they're huge and responsible for protecting their team. With their shields down, your team can easily shred their enemies. Even so, you must be careful when attempting to hack enemies as Sombra can be interrupted if somebody shoots her.

Shadow Step - Reaper

"Overwatch" offence hero Reaper can deal some significant damage with his shotguns if he can get up close to his enemies. Many Reaper players usually stick to fighting on the front lines and using his Wraith Form to escape when in low health. His Shadow Step, on the other hand, hardly gets any use due to its slow cast time.

Nonetheless, this ability is extremely useful for flanking and getting around the field. An excellent Reaper player knows when and how to use Shadow Step to sneak up on the enemy team or when preparing to use his ultimate ability, Death Blossom. When using the skill, be mindful of snipers who can easily headshot the hero if they see him teleporting.