Mars is the nearest planet to the earth. Therefore, the interest over Mars has grown by a significant margin in the past few decades. When it comes to Mars, the very first thing that comes to our mind "is there any possibilities of life in any form?" or "how the surface of the Mars looks like?" Well, Hollywood tried to answer the question by the movie 'Martian' but the real scenario is a Bit different than the movie. Growing potato plants may not be that easy as it was shown in the movie as the particles on Mars is a bit different than what was previously thought.

The compounds of the Martian soil are really dangerous and it can be really deadly to the whole bacterial culture as well.

What is The Main Problem?

The main Problem which lies on The Surface of Mars is perchlorate. This compound was first detected on the surface of the Mars back in the year of 2008. Now, scientists believe that the perchlorate is the main reason why any kind of bacteria can't exist on Mars. It is a very deadly and poisonous compound which generally consists of chlorine.

Scientists also believe that this particular compound is mainly responsible for why the water in Mars has turned into the brine.This compound can become more dangerous when they are in a touch of the Ultra Violet rays.

When in comes to the touch of the Ultra Violet rays, it can be deadly to any kind of life forms and wipe out all the bacteria present in the surface.

So, Can Bacteria Live On The Surface Of The Mars?

To Be honest, it can be said that it is very difficult for a bacteria to live on the surface of the Mars. It is a known fact that the atmosphere of Mars is really thin compared to the Earth.

Therefore, the UV rays can reach the surface of Mars pretty easily and it can be disturbing for any living things.In order to make the things clear, scientists organized an experiment. They have created the same environment as Mars and applied perchlorate on the surface.

Interestingly, bacteria easily swam across the perchlorate solution.

However, when the solution was exposed to the UV rays, things became really difficult for the bacteria as none of them lasted for even 30 seconds. Though still, we do not have any kind of conclusive evidence regarding the life on Mars, however, the recent research has proved that the life on Mars can be very difficult. However, it can be assumed that life existed on Mars few million years ago until its atmosphere was ripped off completely.