Greetings, fellow "Rick and Morty" fanatics! The emotional rollercoaster and the indisputable masterpiece that this show is has been holding our minds hostage for the release of further episodes of Season 3. Fans all across the globe are eager for any clue they can get on the recent developments of the show. The rage continues.

Ever since the dawn of this show, it has claimed many victims in its wake. Fanatics have paid tribute to the show in any and every art form possible. From murals to mashup videos, from remixes to instrumental/vocal covers, from 8-bit art renders to vivified character re-creation.

While most of the fan tributes fall under the happier, more flowery side of the spectrum of contributions, one tribute stands out for its uniqueness and creative genius, and also happens to fall on the not so visually pleasing another side of the spectrum.

Featured artist of the article

Will Hughes, a 23-year-old artist, illustrator, animator from the United Kingdom has done the unthinkable by creating three-dimensional arts of renowned "Rick and Morty" characters. These 3D art renders are semi-realistic and captivating in their own uniquely grotesque manner. The art seems like a realistic interpretation of Rick and Morty to our world.


Starting off with Mr. Poopybutthole and King Jellybean.

The detailing is stunningly similar to the 2D version. Hughes style of art brings out the eeriness of the characters.


This incredibly photo-realistic recreation of a Cromulon “potato-head” approaching earth takes the cake.

If the "Cromulons" ever show up at our little blue-green planet, this is probably what it would all look like.


These three-dimensional renders of Scary Terry and the 5th-dimensional testicle monster look very much like their 2D versions.The dimensional transition is unarguably impeccable.


Heading over to quite easily the most grotesque 3D remake in the whole list is the Plumbus.This version completely dismantles the fun, humor-filled image of the "Plumbus" we have in our heads.

The nightmare-inducing details of it are easily what an actual "Plumbus" might look like.


Undoubtedly the cutest, most realistic, and our personal favorite character in this unique list of three-dimensional renders is none other than our beloved Mister Meeseeks. In his own words, He’s Mister Meeseeks, LOOK AT HIM!


Last, but definitely not the least even by a long shot, are the protagonists Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Although they don’t look even remotely human (it’s the eyes), the intrinsic character details and their personalities are incredibly well composed in this rendition.

Our thoughts

Summarizing the collection, it effortlessly stands out amidst all the repetitive and mostly lifeless renditions of the characters of "Rick and Morty". The lovely blend between Hughes’ personalized artistic flavor alongside the original idea of the characters has given birth to something that will hauntingly stay in our minds.