A study was conducted in 2013 in UK, showing that 34 percent of female participants admitted that they had checked their partners’ phone without their consent. However, in the same study, men revealed that 62 percent of them did the same thing.

Some say that snooping on your Partner’s phone is not a great idea but others believe that it did more good to them than harm. But before that it is important to know that limited surveillance is allowed under very specific conditions. It is legal to spy on a man to know if he is cheating on you but it is illegal to do it for monetary purpose.

So here are the tips from experts on how to catch a Cheating partner.

Set a honey trap

You can check the loyalty of your partner by trapping him. For example, you can send a woman to a club to lure an errant partner but experts warn that men will always be men, so women often will not consider the 'honey trap' method as they fear their men may go for the trap.

Use a spyware

There is an app called Xnspy’s iOS that is an advanced spyware that can be bought online to track your partner’s call details, text messages, emails, location, WhatsApp, Skype Chats, iMessage, Viber, Line, KIK and Instagram activities.

This app has added features where it saves bookmarks, web browsing and on-storage multimedia of your partner’s device.

It also allows the user to view and monitor all third party apps installed on the target device. But it still has added caution for some women who are getting addicted to the app and spends a lot of time spying on their partners.

Use Bing as a browser

Only few people know that in spying your partner, Bing is more effective browser compared to others.

Bing is proficient in searching addresses and Phone Numbers, so if you want to check details on possible mistresses of your partner then Bing is the browser to use.

Look for social media profiles

Check your partner’s social media account and who he is checking on frequently. You can trim the search by looking for women who are not familiar to you and note down their phone numbers.

Then you can verify it on your partner’s phone to check for suspicious communications or call logs.

All these tips can be use to know if your partner is really cheating but it does not guarantee good results. Couples should hide nothing when in a serious relationship. Everyone should know that respect rest on the foundation of trusts. You have nothing to hide and you respect each other’s privacy because one can’t exist without the other.