Sometimes in the midst of juggling work and our relationships, we need the ability to remain calm and focused. To that end, there are a few stress relieving activities that we often ignore in our daily lives. Here are a few examples:


Meditation can actually relax you in no time. Just look for a quiet nook, sit down and practice calm breathing. Unwind your mind and get rid of all the unhappy thoughts when you are meditating. You can actually lower your stress levels by meditating and the good thing is that you don't need to spend long hours for this, just ten, fifteen minutes of Mindfulness and you will definitely be good to go.


The pleasure of preparing a meal and sharing it with someone can actually brighten up your day. The whole process of cooking with love and utmost attention detail can make someone else feel really special.


You can take a book anywhere, anytime making it one of the easiest ways to get away from your present for a short while. Books are a cheap vacation in a way because you can visit a place where you have never been before just by reading about it. You can meet new people and make new friends just by reading, so the next time you want to boost your mood, look no further.

Go for a stroll

This one is tried and tested for sure. If you are feeling down, go out for a stroll. Examining nature while taking a stroll can actually be very pleasing to the eyes and smelling beautiful flowers on your way or touching the cold sea water can put your mind out of misery and really freshen you up for a new start.

Change your playlist

Have you ever noticed that when you start listening to unhappy songs you unwittingly begin to feel miserable? This happens often so to reverse the emotion, you should have a few cheerful and lively songs in your iPod just in case you need an instant mood booster. Listening to songs and working out at the same time is even better as you are combining two very positive activities together.

Take a nap

Many people think that taking a nap is also a good approach towards reducing stress. You feel mentally calm after a nap even if you take it for a short period of time. While your mind is preparing the body to sleep, think of some happy thoughts and try to relax. Put on a favorite scented candle and enjoy the wonders of aromatherapy while your mind sinks into sleep.


Playing is also an immense mood booster -- an outdoor sport can be physically stressful but it will energize your mind. You can also play a musical instrument and in that way, you are using your mind for something creative and in turn becoming less stressed.