In her latest interview with "Good Morning America," US President Donald Trump's first wife Ivana caused a controversy by saying that "I'm basically first Trump wife. Okay?" adding, "I'm (the) first lady." She was on the show to promote her upcoming book called "Raising Trump," which revolves around bringing up her three children she had with Donald Trump. While talking to the host, she also said that she has the "direct number to White House," although she never really uses it. She further added that she does not call Trump as he is with Melania now and that she does not want to cause any feeling of jealousy, before adding the controversial comment that she is the first lady.

What did Ivana say about Melania?

While talking about the US president's current wife, Melania, Ivana said that it must be "terrible" for her to live in Washington and added that she would have hated living in the capital so "it's better her than me." As expected, Ivana's comments did not go unnoticed and on behalf of the First Lady, her spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham gave a statement.

Melania Trump's spokesperson replied to Ivana

Stephanie Grisham said that Melania Trump thinks of the White House as a home for her husband, Donald, and son, Barron. Grisham further clarified that Mrs. Trump "loves" residing in the capital and "is honored by her role as First Lady of the United States" and that she wants to use the title of the first lady very positively.

The statement was further directed towards Ivana as it read that Melania will use her role to "help children, not sell books" and that Ivana's comments from the interview are only "self-serving noise" and a way to seek attention. Ivana also did not spare her ex-husband's second wife, Marla Maples, and called her "a showgirl."

Ivana's relationship with Donald Trump

Ivana went on to say that, had she been in the White House, she would have straightened it up in 14 days and that she could deliver a "speech for 45 minutes without (a) teleprompter." However, she said that "I like my freedom" and "I would not really like to be there" in Washington.

Ivana was the first wife of Donald Trump, they were married from 1977 till 1992. They have three children together: Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump. Ivana was married four times and her latest wedding to Rossano Rubicondi in April 2008 was hosted by her ex-husband Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate.