Simple exercise can keep you happy by releasing dopamine. Normally basic workout routines and your daily exercises help to reduce anxiety and stress levels to a certain extent. Such activities release hormones that are anti-depressants which control the stress hormones. An ancient super yoga called Kusa Yoga is thought to activate the entire Nervous System and stimulate your body's 72,000 Nāḍī. Nāḍī is a term for the channels through which a philosophical framework of energies are said to connect at special points of intensity in our bodies.

The practice of a twisted sit-up is called Kusa Yoga

The Kusa Yoga practice has been followed from ancient times in India: the land of yoga. It should be noted that this practice must be done by using the right procedure for optimum results. Regular practice of this method can promote the dopamine levels in your body and can also help to relax your mind. A relaxed mind will help to release chemicals that can awaken the Pineal Gland. The pineal gland, which is a peanut shaped endocrine gland located in the brain, is responsible for maintaining and producing the melatonin hormone which is responsible for promoting sleep in humans. Additionally, this exercise can also keep you happy through the release of dopamine.

Regular practice of the technique can keep you in a state of ecstasy without the need for use of other substances.

How to practice Kusa Yoga

The practice of Kusa yoga is very simple and can be easily followed.

  • The first step is to stand straight, observe your feet and maintain both your feet at the same position and level.
  • Now bring one leg (either the left or the right leg) in front of the other leg in a crossed manner.
  • Cross your arms and hold the tips of both your earlobes.
  • The final part of this yoga requires you to sit until your crossed legs are totally bent to the maximum and then rise again to the initial position.
  • The exercise should be practiced slowly and steadily.

Who can do Kusa Yoga?

This yoga is highly recommended for all types of people for strengthening the nervous system.

This practice can eliminate the negative emotions that we carry in our day to day life. It has been observed that doing meditation after the practice of this yoga can produce even better results. Regular meditation practice is normally recommended for soothing and relaxing the nerves. This Kusa brain yoga is a total exercise in itself and it also strengthens your total body which can then set the tone for a quality meditation. This yoga can be combined with other yoga practices and should ideally be done after the practice of Surya namaskar.