It is the implicit truth that our darling animated television program "Rick and Morty" has become a standout amongst the most watched and discussed appear since its debut. To have assembled such a gigantic fandom over such a brief timeframe in contrast with numerous other energized TV programs is a deed worth praising. It does right by us to be a piece of a constantly developing Fan base.

The interweb continually has its eyes peeled for anything fresh and unattempted before and is always cheerful at making the most out of whatever manages grasps its attention, and our beloved show has seemingly and gladly outdone itself in that department, and still, continues to do so.

Anything that goes viral on the internet is sure to have a fairly extensive shelf-life.

"Rick and Morty" have adequately added to images and the other way around. From references that fall in line with the difficulties and clumsiness of regular daily existence, to the ones that have episodes of uncontrolled negativity with everything else in the middle of the pot pourri of insanity, here is our pick of a portion of the absolute best hand picked wallpapers of "Rick and Morty" to make your mobile phones look schwifty.

Show me what you got


We are going to start off with this one. Classic Rick Sanchez walking away from an explosion like the badass that he is.

It only gets better from here on out.


We figured some of you all would dig this as it has got this touch of sepia to it along with the anatomy of Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. Does oddly remind us of the ones buried in the backyard too.


An uber realistic take on our beloved Butter Robot.

Still looks equally devastated after realizing its purpose. Good old chap.


Aww! Isn’t this one just adorable?

We’re going to kick it up a notch with some more detailed wallpapers that are "Rick and Morty" tributes to various other shows/video games.

You’ll know when you see them. Buckle up!


Sanchez is the Danger. Sanchez is the one who knocks. Tread lightly. Say his name.


When something’s strange in your neighborhood, Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? Naw.


You teach me and I’ll teach you. "Gotta catch ‘em all"? We’re not sure about that. Absolutely crazy wallpaper though. We’ll catch that for sure.


This classic Italian plumber/Smash Brothers crossover looks very convincing.


Rick Sanchez as Akira. Good God, this is gorgeous!


Look away from this one. We dare you. We double dare you.

We’re going to go full throttle with these last bunch of wallpapers that we have in store for you. Rest assured that they are the best of the lot, or at least as far as we are concerned.


Behold! The Cromulons! This is probably what comic books based on "Rick and Morty" would look like.


This one based off of “Goodbye Moonmen” is absolute eye candy.


Speaking of eye candy, we had to add this one to the list. Who is looking forward to hopefully seeing Evil Morty return in the future episodes? We are!


Look at this multiversal genius on this one. Spectacular!


Easily one of our most favorites of the lot for a lot of obvious reasons. Rick Sanchez doesn’t get any real than this.


Kicking the morose out of the window, check the detailing out on this beauty.


Some minimalistic goodness your way, we’ve got a few more.


Like this poster worthy artwork.


Or maybe this? There’s Mister Meseeks! LOOK AT HIM!


A piece of Rick Sanchez, perhaps?


Or just Morty being Morty?


How about both of them?

This one’s rather trippy, don’t you think?


And, we’re down to the last one. Hope you enjoyed our pick of wallpapers for you. Go get Riggity RIGGITY WRECKED!