Wubbalubbadubdub, "Rick and Morty" fandom! The wait for the 30th of July draws closer and closer to its end and seems painstakingly longer than the wait we have been experiencing till date. After what without a doubt appeared like an unfathomable length of time of hold up and torment, the hold up has almost arrived. Switch on your ignition, on the grounds that the third installment of "Rick and Morty" will finally be available for our viewing pleasure, and it looks filled with monstrous doses of exhilaration, pandemonium, heaps of tackles, and a rich dab of the grandpa-grandson shenanigans.

Season 3 hype

The holdup was certainly justified, despite all the trouble, and we are happy that the group of "Rick and Morty" set aside their sweet opportunity to get everything about to convey something incredible to us, while most vilified demonstrates convey unremarkableness for the sake of diversion and congruity each other month or thereabouts.

Adult Swim, on the other hand, has been actively building up the hype for the release of the new episodes with more than ever frequent teasers and updates. Solid promotion there. What seems like the longest teaser/tribute by them just premiered moments ago on their Facebook page and on their YouTube channel [titled "Rick and Morty" Exquisite Corpse], and we’re here to do an artistic dissection of that for you.

Tease Us

Directed by Matt Taylor, an animator at Titmouse has brilliantly crafted and the tastefully designed teaser is very well over three and a half minutes long, while the instrumental version of “Thursday in the Danger Room” plays through it. It begins with Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith in Jerry’s garage as usual.

Rick is seen pouring a blue concoction from a test tube to a conical flask and then asks Morty to carefully put it on the shelf without dropping it.

Morty argues that he isn’t an idiot and proceeds to carry the flask to the shelf and does the obvious. Rick, not surprised by the fact that Morty actually dropped the flask, sighs in disappointment and says “Awh, here we go”.

Following this is a series of superbly animated clips of "Rick and Morty" through different forms, realities, and dimensions.

The animation is so incredibly immersive and good that the viewer is left at a loss for words at the visual masterpiece that it is. The animation shoots visual references to "Rick and Morty’s" parent show, “Doc and Mharti”, along with references from animator Don Hertzfeldt and Adult Swim’s shows “King Star King” and “Superjail”. The video feels like a sensory journey of sorts, the kind one would experience under heavy inebriation.

At the end of it, we are back to the garage where Morty apologizes to Rick about dropping the flask. Rick complains that he has to make more, and upon being asked by Morty as to what was in the flask, Rick mentions that it was pure acid, also known as LSD [Lysergic Acid Diethylamide] known for its hallucinogenic properties. Rick complains about losing half an hour of his life while heading over to his bench to make some more.

This teaser is a trip not worth missing at all and we suggest you watch it right now!