The ability to see things that haven't yet occurred is but one type of ESP, but is arguably the most common. Anyone can claim they’ve had a premonition or precognition, but most cases are not documented. It could be as simple as someone seeking attention or spinning a yarn; others go on to be successful and acknowledged psychics or mediums. However, for most, possessing genuine but varied intensities of extrasensory perception is social taboo, so they don’t talk about it.

ESP is rife with fraud

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the vast majority of alleged Premonitions of the U.S.

terrorist attack lacked documentation. For sure, many stories were conjured up by overactive imaginations and others were told to take personal advantage of the horrific event.

For the sake of this conversation, premonition is the often uncontrollable capacity some people have to sense things before they actually occur; often a convincing foretelling of conversations, visualizations, incidents and forebodings that may or may not have anything to do with the subject’s personal affairs.

ESP can be a burden

We all have ESP, it’s a matter of degree. For example, one who is frequently able to sense who is calling them before looking at their phone likely has very few friends, or ESP. For the latter, it can be troubling.

The problem is that ESP, ironically, can be random and unpredictable. Flashes of unknowable knowledge do not always benefit the host, and often makes one feel odd or burdened by the secret. After all, human nature is such that the slightest deviation from normal behavior can elicit anything from ridicule to an official investigation.

Sometimes a premonition can be so strong as to trigger angst and indecision. A person who is dealing with the knowledge of the unknowable may be unwilling to share for fear of being labeled a fake or even suspected of wrongdoing. Research shows that premonitions are strongest among relatives, however, some disagree and claim ESP is akin to déjà vu, a seemingly random sense of having been somewhere before or experiencing an eerily familiar event or conversation that one could not possibly have previously experienced.

Such experiences have inspired some to believe in reincarnation and others to believe that they have tapped into an inexplicable wavelength of impending fate that projects the future onto one’s mind like a kind of movie trailer. Still, more people become accustomed to occasional, disconnected premonitions that they no longer care to probe. It’s not hard to understand how such a receptive mind would understand the potential for misunderstanding and attempt to hide the phenomena instead of honing such an unmanageable psychic asset in a world as stridently judgmental as ours.

Premonitions may signal danger

Because premonitions can be a prelude to danger, it’s important for those blessed with the condition to consider and heed specific warnings. Such precognitions may not always be right, but sometimes they are quite precise.