The season premiere of the latest season of "Rick and Morty" brought with it a plethora of awesomeness. What it also managed to bring back is the Sauce that haunts the minds of every chicken nugget lover on the planet, and let's be frank, who doesn’t love chicken nuggets? That’s right, we all do!

The season 3 pilot resurrected the long dead and forgotten limited edition sauce from McDonald's. This much spoken about sauce was a signature sauce given in commemoration of the 1998 Disney movie "Mulan". Consumed and forgotten ever since, the Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki dipping sauce is on everybody’s wish list, thanks to Rick Sanchez.

Way to bring things back and make them trendy again, Rick.

Despite having no clue of what the original sauce tasted like, people over the internet tried recreating it. Someone even found an old pair of this sauce and sold it for an unbelievable $14,700 on eBay.

Don’t fear, the sauce is here! Or is it?

Amidst all the fandom that the 'Mulan Szechuan' sauce has received, a recent video titled “Found a reverse holographic McDonald's Mulan Szechuan Sauce packet!” has surfaced on YouTube channel of the ID "Not Dan Harmon".

Since its upload on the 13th of May, the video has received over 90,000 views.

Needless to say, Reddit has an active thread on it ever since.

Although there was no clear idea of how the sauce was available again, or if the video was legit, more information was uncovered on the source. What was initially speculated as a marketing campaign by McDonalds, it has been found that McDonald's was indeed giving away a limited 100 of the Mulan Szechuan Teriyaki dipping sauces in a select store under the campaign name “Szechuan Sauce Seekers”, and we’re super jealous of the lucky few who got their hands on these.

Is it here to stay for a bit?

There is no further information or any clarity regarding whether the sauce will be brought back for a while, or if the campaign “Szechuan Sauce Seekers” run in other McDonald's outlets. The video seems to have done its trick. 10 points for McDonald's for smoothly pulling off strategic marketing.

The fans are crazier for the sauce now, more than ever.

Never in the course of history has a dipping sauce claimed so much popularity and demand. One thing is for sure, if the sauce is made available in more outlets in limited numbers, there is going to be an outright war. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with making our own versions of the sauce.